Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Fixes and Changes

 With today's server save, CipSoft has implemented a few fixes and changes, for example:

  • The handling of the quiver has been improved: You can now put a new stack of ammunition into your quiver via hotkey or action button equip if there is enough space. Moreover, a number on top of your equipped quiver now tells you how much ammunition is still inside.
  • After the release of the vocation adjustments, CipSoft received additional feedback about the damage spread for single target, non-critical physical range and melee attacks. They have now made the following change to narrow the spread for a more consistent and stable damage: The minimum damage of single target, non-critical physical range and melee attacks has been increased to avoid very low hits. While their maximum damage has not been changed so that occasional high damage spikes are still possible, we have lowered its probabilities to ensure that the average damage output remains the same.
  • The colour of Divine Dazzle's effect has been changed to distinguish it from Chivalrous Challenge. Additionally, Expose Weakness has received a different visual effect to set it apart from Sap Strength.
  • When using the Arc HUD for a druid or sorcerer, the magic shield arc will now only be displayed if your magic shield is active.
  • They implemented a fix to address the reported problem of occasionally getting stuck for a short time while quick looting.
  • Familiars that have been temporarily transformed into a creature now change back to the skin you selected for your familiar.
  • CipSof fixed a few minor NPC and map issues.

Also, the following game worlds have been opened for free accounts: Adra, Emera, Javibra, Libertabra, Ragna, Unica, Utobra, Wizera, Xylona, Ysolera and Zenobra.

In addition, they have removed the transfer block from Belluma, Dibra and Torpera. Please keep in mind that you can only move to a game world initially protected by BattlEye if your character also comes from a game world which has been protected right from its release.

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