Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Bugfixes and Changes

  The following things have been changed and fixed:

  • Cipsoft fixed two issues with Chivalrous Challenge: First, it no longer challenges melee fighters; instead, it now only challenges distance fighters and turns them temporarily into melee fighters, as originally intended. Second, casting Chivalrous Challenge without target no longer targets invisible creatures.

  • To help lower level sorcerers and druids, their Magic Shield capacity has been increased. This increase in capacity is less noticeable the higher the character level is. Furthermore, the Magic Shield's capacity can no longer exceed a character's mana pool. The duration of the shield has been extended to 180 seconds.
  • Expose Weakness and Sap Strength are now listed in the support spell category of trade NPCs.
  • A bug which prevented some players from logging in after buying a character on the Char Bazaar has been fixed.
  • Tibia now runs on macOS Big Sur, while the new minimum requirement is macOS Catalina (10.15). If you tried to play Tibia on Big Sur before, please download the client from the website again and reinstall the game.

Moreover, the loot and XP of the Furious Crater and Claustrophobic Inferno have been adjusted:

The brachiodemon, infernal demon, infernal phantom, cloak of terror, courage leech and vibrant phantom now give 15% less loot. They also give 20% less XP: Brachiodemon (28600 → 22880), infernal demon (32500 → 26000), infernal phantom (28600 → 22880), cloak of terror (31200 → 24960), courage leech (29900 → 23920) and vibrant phantom (31200 → 24960).

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