Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Vocation Adjustments Release

A  new dawn has come, as the vocation adjustments are finally here!

After first announcing them back in October, Cipsoft invited a large number of players to partake in testing these new and changed features they had come up with. During the test, they made a number of improvements based on your feedback and suggestions – thanks again to everyone who contributed constructively to the discussion and made helpful suggestions. Afterwards, Cipsoft reviewed the vocation adjustments again internally, in the state they had been at the end of the test server. And now, it is time for the adjustments to be introduced to all game worlds.

Cipsoft has created a list of changes these adjustments entail, separated by vocation where applicable. For the most part, they are the same as they have been at the end of the test. They have, however, decided not to implement the reduced spread of single target, non-critical physical attacks, which would have affected knights and paladins. After going through your feedback again, it became clear that the potential upside of raising the minimum damage would not outweigh the perceived downside of lowering the maximum damage, even though it would have resulted in no difference in the mean damage output.

Cipsoft appreciates constructive input and feedback regarding the adjustments. They have created four threads, one for each vocation, so please post your feedback in the thread it is most relevant for: KnightsPaladinsDruidsSorcerers. Cipsoft is also aware that adapting or even innovating your hunting style takes time. Naturally, they are going to follow developments ingame closely and will make changes when necessary.

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