Wednesday, November 18, 2020

TibiaGoals Riddles #30


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  1. 1. decoration on north wall.
    2. one flower
    3. Colour of cameleon.
    4. One finger on wall decor.
    5. Lamp nort of Lady mass.
    6. Puppy south of stair
    7. South queen.
    8.Diamond under seal.
    10. Third cake tapestry.
    Midnigth Knight

  2. Moonizera: Basket/gradas/cortinas/bicho azul/lampara1/lampara2/manosindo/vestidodoll/ rosa/ y basesdelafoca

  3. Basket/gradas/cortinas/bicho azul/lampara1/lampara2/manosindo/vestidodoll/ rosa/ y basesdelafoca


  4. 1. Puppy 2. third cake tepestry 3. decoration on a wall 4. cameleon 5. stairs 6. colour under seal 7. puppy 8. Lamy north of Lady Mass 9. decoration on a wall without finger 10. lack of one flower

  5. 1) Top of the staircase 2) Under the baby seal is pink and other is blue 3) 1 eyepod missing from the wall 4) Queens dress is half designed on the torso 5) one of the basket of puppies as a additional head 6) Cake Tapestry has a missing button 7) Nightmare Beacon Lamp missing a finger 8) The Chameleon is different colors 9) One of the plants is missing a Rose bud (4 on one and 5 on other flower buds) 10) The golden yalahari lamp on the right image is different than the one on the left image x)

  6. 1- eyeball on left corner,
    2-pink flower on the tree
    3- chamaleon
    4- nighmare beacon finger
    5- ornate lamp on the wall has no wings
    6- gem below seal
    7- queen eloise dress
    8- dot on cake tapestry
    9- puppys 2 full heads south from stairs
    10- little dot on upper stair ending

    Character : Pameliin

  7. 1 Pink rose
    2 chamaleon
    3 basket
    4 cake tapestry
    5 blue gem
    6 nithmare beaco
    7 fans doll Queen eloise
    8 marble floor
    9 lit wall lamp
    10 eye red pegado ala pared al lado de firlefanz.... Bebitha consentida

  8. 1 eye red /ojo rojo / pegado de la pared..
    2 queen eloise doll vestdio..
    3 cake tapestry la cereza..
    4 pink rose le falta 1
    5 Chameleon de color
    6 Basket derecho hay 2
    7 blue gem
    8 nightmare beacon una garra
    9 Marble floor escaleras al final le falta el circulo
    10 lit wall lamp le faltan las alas
    ...... Elite Vedder

  9. 1. One eye too much on the right photo.
    2. Finger is missing in Nightmare Bacon.
    3. One pink rose is missing.
    4. Chameleon has other colour.
    5. On the golden lamp there is one leaf missing on the right picture.
    6. Stairs missing a pole on the right.
    7. Cake tapestry missing a cherry.
    8. One baby-dog too much on the right photo.
    9. Different colours of gem under baby seal doll.
    10. Queen Eloise doll is missing a part of her dress on the right picture.

  10. 1. The missing ornamen of the yellow lamp.
    2. The missing Claw of the lamp.
    3. The missing pink Ball of the tapestry.
    4. The missing yellow detail of the queen Eloise doll.
    5. There is an extra Head on one puppy.
    6. The missing detail on the top of the stairs.
    7. The missing pink flower of the tree.
    8. The pink and blue ball under the baby seal doll.
    9. The chameleon blue/pink
    10.Thw missing eye pod.

  11. 1. One eye pod missing
    2. One flower missing on the bush
    3. The chameleon color is different
    4. One finger is missing in the nightmare beacon
    5. The lamp on the wall isn't complete
    6. One missing cherry on the cake tapestry
    7. The sleeping puppy is awake on one of the baskets
    8. The gem is different color under the baby seal doll
    9. The dress of one Queen Eloise doll is different
    10. The ladder support is missing at top

    Char: Dyaniixz

  12. The wall by the bed, its suppose to be 2
    1 pink rose missing
    Chameleon different color
    1 finger missing on the beacon
    The chandelier is missing a piece
    The gem below the baby seal is different
    The dress of the queen is different
    The cake carpet is missing a strawberry
    One of the dogs basket is up facing a wrong way
    The dot on the stairs is gone
    I send a pic too
    Sir wuachachucho

  13. 1. Cake tapestry
    2. Stairs
    3. Basket with puppies
    4. Chameleon
    5. Pink rosses
    6. Nightmare beacon
    7. Eye decoration
    8. Lamp
    9. Eloise doll
    10. Gems under baby seal

    Nasty Kasper

  14. double eye on the wall
    pink rose missing
    one finger missing on the wall lamp
    the colour of the chameleon
    part of the lamp missing
    dog face
    cake tapestry
    Queen Eloise Doll dress details
    violet gem under the baby seal

    Character: Amy Meow