Sunday, November 1, 2020

Player of the Month #4: He ellz

Our player of the month for November is He ellz. He is a druid from the lands of Torpera and a leader of one of the war guilds from this server. 

Can you introduce yourself? What’s your name, how old are you etc?
-Of course! My name is Antonio, I am 24 years old and I turn 1/4 of a century in May hahaha. It can be said that I am a nomad in rl because I have lived in several countries, I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, from there I moved to several countries such as England, the Dominican Republic, Holland, and the place where I currently live in Miami, United States.

When and how did you first hear of Tibia?
-I do not remember specifically the year but I remember that I was between my 9 and 12 years old no more than that, my first encounter with the game was through my best friends, because they played Tibia in a cyber cafe and one day they invited me to play it and from there it all started,  my second account was created in 2006 if I remember correctly

What is your favorite thing to do in Tibia?
-Waring let's say I don't like so much the hunting part of the game or doing quests. I need to kill people, run respawns, in fact, most people check tibiafrags to see who had more experience made in the day on the server, I go to tibiafrags to check what rank this my char in the chart of "top killers" xD

Is there or was there a player that you really admired?
-When I started playing I saw Aerial Noobs' video on YouTube and from that day on I can say that he was the player that I admired, nowadays I don't think I admire anyone but there are players that I respect as players, which are: Theuzikk, Bryan and Pablo (regarding Open Pvp) since it is the type PVP I normally play)

We are aware that some years ago, before OS was formed, you had the biggest alliance of Tibia with its heart in Xantera. How did it come to that? How did you do it?
-Uff that story is a bit long hahaha it all started when I was playing in Thera, I remember perfectly that I was playing on an ed 340 in Xantera, I started playing Xantera but it was a full dominado server and I didn't really care about their dominando rules so I got hunted there, however, I had many friends at that time on that server which were Chuy, Gomez, Jimmy, etc. who helped me along against the guild Toxic. That war we lost, so after the loss I spoke with Bruno, one of my friends and leaders in Thera that I wanted him to help me invade Xantera, nevertheless he didn't see that happening and refused to support my claim but he agreed to introduce me to the person that would be my best ally: Nenem. He came to Xantera with me and within 2-3 months of war, the enemy team agreed to pacify and unite both guilds by joining our team and leaving the great alliance that existed at that time that was called "Mata Rindo - mR". Mata Rindo didn't like losing their team in Xantera by this agreement and Kyo Leader of Mata Rindo threatened to invade us, so Nenem and I decided to invade them first in Pythera.
In the beginning, we invaded Pythera with 20 people and we had a great factor against us: they were pinging the server every time we would try to battle or whenever we'd try to do warzones with them and Cipsoft ended up deleting the entire guild. This would have been a won, nevertheless, they remained fighting with the characters that managed to leave the guild before this mass deletion so they still counted with 200-300 characters so the war went on. We took advantage of this situation and started talking with people from other servers, convincing them that this was looking very favorable for us, so more and more people started joining our side; the most important arrival was Alencar that ended up being the main leader of Pythera, that 2 years and a half later we managed to win that war and by that time, our alliance was the strongest.

X or Y!
1. Gaming mouse or normal mouse?
Gaming mouse
2. Levels or profit
3. MS or ED
ED, ofc.
4. Library or Ferumbras
5. No rares or no outfits
No rares
6. Tibia 10 or Tibia 11
Tibia 11
7. Quests with or without spoilers?
Without spoilers
8. Summoner or retro summoner?
9. Lose all skills or lose all levels?
I'd choose to lose all skills
10. Open PvP or Optional PvP
Open Pvp ;)

What great victories from those times you think you’ve learned the most to become the player, you are now?
-I have always said and will say that the most exciting war I have fought, in which I learned a lot, and grew as a player is Pythera, I would say that Pythera was where I'd say I completed my training as a player

What would you say was different in the PVP then, from the wars that run nowadays?
-There were no new blessings so dying was more painful even on makers or killing someone running a respawn did hurt the player more, also back in the days, people played more for fun than for the "IRL profit", people in Venezuela played actually wanted to and not out of necessity. Tibia has changed a lot and so has PVP.

What is your best Tibia memory?
-I would say that the best memory I have had in tibia, is the day we won the last war against MR, just after winning Pythera and Calvera, it was an incredible satisfaction.

If you were to describe Tibian wars in one sentence, what would it be?
-Patience, effort, vision, and perseverance, nothing more.

Did playing Tibia teach you something?
-I have learned a lot in tibia. Like it or not tibia is a "community" game, you deal with people from different countries, new cultures, languages, but the most important thing I have learned in tibia is a new language (Portuguese).

11. Do you have any encouraging words for the community?
use the game as a hobby, a distraction, I have had to encounter people who threaten me irl, and things like that. It is important to understand that tibia is a game and people got to stop involving it with rls stuff. It's all about having fun <3

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  1. I took my time to read the interview, very nicely explained. I like the X or Y part, allows us to get to know the person's preferences. Question, how do you pick player of the month?