Tuesday, November 10, 2020

A Pirate's Tail Quest - Winter Update 2020 QUEST SPOILER


Hi guys if you don't know Spanish and can't understand the video tutorial Mirius has put available for all of us, we are translating it for you!

In this post, our partner and friend Mirius shares with you the spoiler of one of the new quests for this winter update 2020 (Quest Pirates' Tail) 

NOTE: We still recommend you to watch the spoiler while reading this guide, this way it will be easier to spot the key places of the quest.


  • New Backpack
  • New features for your summon  depending on vocations
  • New Outfit of the Rascoohan outfit 

  • New Mount

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This quest starts with the NPC Eustacio located downstairs from the boat of Venore. You've got to approach him with Hi - Mission - Yes and he will ask you for help to defeat the pirates that are invading the map in Tibia, to know exactly where these invasions are taking place, you must tell him Hi- Locations- Yes, he will give us two tools that we will need for defeating the pirates, furthermore we'll need to gather 1,500 points in order to access the new island. 

Tools given:
  • Greenish FlintstoneGreenish Flintstone.gif
  • Magical Water Orb Ballistic Boulder.gif

Nonetheless, there won't always be raids available to participate in, therefore, it's a good idea to anticipate some missions while participating in the raids that are happening (everytime you'd like to know where the raids are taking place, you must come back to Eustacio (Hi- Locations- Yes). 

Also look at the guide A PIRATE'S TAIL - TASK EUSTACIO to learn how to complete these tasks :D

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So let's continue with the quest :D. We'd need to go to the Corym Black Market in Liberty Bay, it is located on the sewers. There we must find a letter written by Rita, after finding the letter we must find an NPC to the right-hand side called Larry with the appearance of a parrot. You must talk to him Hi - Rita - Yes and he will give us 1out of 4 parta of the poem that later we will be required put together. 

We'd need to find the two brothers of Rita now. The first one is the NPC Sniff, he is located on the way to the coryms of Venore, we need to find him and say Hi - mission - yes.

Image from Gyazo
Image from Gyazo
He will ask us to help him get back some things he's lost, and these items we'll find them to the south of Plains of Havoc. We will be required to have the courage and venture ourselves on a maze full of sharks. At the end of this maze, we will find the barrel that we need to use to get a bag and report back to NPC sniff. Nevertheless, we will need to step on specific sqm's in the maze for this task to be successful. 

To Sniff: Hi - Mission - Yes

It is important to go with Eustacio from time to time to ask for the raids, while we are doing the missions in order to try to participate in them and get 1500 points to enter the new island.

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Once we've delivered the bag we must find the next brother, the NPC called,  Ra'Cletto he will ask us to bring him an item from Eustacio's house so we must find out where his home is. Head back to Eustacio and say Hi - Home - Yes and he'll tell you that the location of his house is on the South of Venore, we'll have to click on his drawers and find a napkin that we'll have to report to Ra'Cletto with Hi- Mission - yes, once reported he will send us to find the last NPC that has escaped it's prison cell in Thais, there we will find an inscription on the wall, when you find it you'll have to click on it to use it and this will give us the last part (4/4) of the poem. 

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At this point of the quest, if you've been able to participate on the raids of the server, you may have 1500 points already, if so, when you go to Eustacio and say Hi - Status, he'll tell you that you have reached enough points and will give you a quest log. He will send you to Issavi, north of depot you'll find a Shell on the floor and when you click on it, it will send you to the new island where is the home of the raccoons. You will have to find the npc Tik'hi Tok'ho and ask him for mission - yes and he will ask you to help the raccoons around on the island, and to do this you'll need to do 3 missions to gain the trust of the raccoons. 

For the first mission you will have to be sneaky. You will need to find the portal inside the cave of the racccoons, on the way to the Tik'hi Tok'ho npc.
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 In this teleport you'll have to complete a maze but it will only be completed if you successfully avoid the pirates with at least 1 sqm of distance and avoid the towers that have their lights on and wait for them to turn down.  Once you successfully complete this, you'll have to enter the teleports at the end of the maze and use the chest, this will kick you out of the room but it's OK, you'll have the points to win the raccoons over. 

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The second mission is to save the food supplies of the raccoons, you can do mission with up to 5 players. You must take the wand that is given by the chest at the entrance, and push the cheese to the gate in the middle of the room, this will provoke the mice to come out, you will have to use the wand on the mice for them to show their real form and then kill them. If the counter that is below your name drops to 0 you'll get kicked from the room without any reward. 

The next mission is a memory game. Once you enter this next room the gates will close and you'll have to remember the patterns that will appear on the center of the room and find the group of shells that match them, once you've finished these missions and have reported them back to the npc Tik'hi Tok'ho, he will send you to the ship located on the south-east of the island and there you'll face and you'll be required to defeat the 6 bosses in a row. We recomend you to have a good refill of potions and runes.


*Depth galea or helmet of the deep
*Energy Bombs

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You'll first need to kill the head and then kill the tentacles on the room that will appear on the screen. Focus on one but whenever you can perform spells of area, we recommend you do it. If the tentacles remain too long on the room, you'll fail.

Reward: Aesthetic features for summons, and a key

The key you loot will allow you to go forward on the quest and enter the teleport on your right.

Once you enter the teleport, you will face pirates that will deal drawing damage on you, thus you must wear the helmet of the deep and you musn't remove it until the end of the boss (warning: don't approach the cheese on the way).


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In this boss you'll be required to use the helmet of the deep. You and your team must stack near the Weak Spot in order to make the damage the mobs deal on you to also damage the door until it's death. We recommend you to use the energy bombs surrounding the team so the pirates won't directly attack you, at the same time as you kill them with Gfb on the range of the Weak Spot. Once you defeat the door, you'll be able to move fvorward to the next boss always avoiding the cheese on the way.


Once again, use the energy bombs to avoid being hit by the Elite Pirates and kill the boss with it's summons with area spells and SD runes.

Once you kill this boss, head upstairs and there you'll find the next boss to kill.


This miniboss within some damage will disappear and in a new and stronger boss will take it's place.


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Focus on killingthe boss with SDs and when he summons mobs, use area spells and gfbs. One thing you must know, if you take too long killing this boss he will then summon all the bosses you've killed before and you'll have to finish the quest killing all of them at once. Nevertheless this is not an impossible task. 

Remember to be wearing the helmet of the deep, in this boss especially you'll need it.

Once you've finished killing these bosses, you can report back to Tik'hi Tok'ho and he'll reward you with your outfit! And will allow you to access the teleport located on the north-east of the island. In this teleport you will face the final mission and you'll need a team of 5 people. Choose them well because in this boss you'll need a lot of coordination among the players to succeed. 

Different raids will happen once you enter the boss room and you must know the mechanics of each one. Note that this boss works with points, if you fail a dynamic you lose points to gain the points back, you'll need to succeed in the Wind mechanic. 

  • Guest of Wind
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This is the first raid and the most important one. You will be required to pass the Guest of Winds on the grey platform at the middle of the boat. This will reward you with positive points that you'll need to complete this Boss. 

  • Angry Elemental 
Kill the elementals with energy runes and area spells. 

  • Mean Terramite
Kill the termites with fire rune and spells. Note that if you fail to do this quick they will eat parts of the boat and rest you points from the final square.

  • Quaras
The danger of this raid is that the quaras will try to eat the Raccoon Suppliers if you don't kill them fast. Make sure to exeta them away from the crates while the team kills them, each crate lost will rest you 5 points from the total score.

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You must know that while the raids are happening, sea serpents will beam the boat with damage that can go around 3.5-5k damage. 

While the team is focused on succeeding in each raid, you will see sometimes rubbish approaching the back of the boat. Use the cannons to destroy them before they hit it.

And that is it! Once succeeded this boss, you'll be able to enter the treasure island and get the final reward - The mount features :) you can also continue farming these bosses if you wish to get the new equipments of this update.

If you have any question, Mirius will be answering them anytime on their social media, youtube and twitch channel :D