Friday, October 2, 2020

Your Goals #9: Kimmiey: Half a thousand...





I used to play before in Rowana/Vunira on my Rp ' Royal Pa Lady but in May 2018 I decided to create a new account in Estela. I sold everything from the items of my Rp account and I guess I collected a little more than 3k TCs to transfer to my new account. I created an Ms called 'Estelania' and my first goal was to make it the same level as my Rp at that time, which was something like 215. But from the start, I wanted to play the game fully instead of just exp. With the Tc I took with me I bought my own training dummy first and some deco's for my house. I started spending a lot of TC's on exercise weapons and EXP boosts.   

Since I wanted to play the game fully I made grizzly Adams killing tasks from LVL 8 till 130. From 130 level I started to duo with Ervy on every hunt and we used to go deeper Banuta a lot to gain the missing points before we could start Demon task. We played together every possible moment and I think I can talk for us both to say we were a little addicted haha! We made level 200 in 3 months and then we started at the demon task I guess. We did it in full duo and finished in 1month with the task. By that time I had reached my first goal of level 215 but we had so much fun playing together on the 2 mages that we continued to go at the same speed but started going to lower Rosha in duo instead, and sometimes back to deeper Banuta. The levels kept coming and in the next 3months, we reached level 300. 

From that moment we mostly went in trio with an EK to the nightmare isles or roshamuul surface. From 350 level we started full team hunts mostly in Prison/Feru way/Dtseal or Jugg seal. Our highest exp we made was 36kk in 1 day and it was during the prison hunts around level 330. In December 2018 I got pregnant and we made a new goal to reach level 500 before I would give birth in august 2019. 

In April 2019 we reached level 400. and so for my goal, we had like 4 months left to make 500. But as you can imagine those last 2-3months of pregnancy were really exhausting and at home, we had a lot of things to organize and we totally rebuilt every room in our house so the goal hasn't been achieved. I stopped at level 450 because for me this was a nice number to go retired for a while when Jason was born. When he turned around 7 months old and we had a good sleeping rhythm, I slowly started to dare to go for duo/trio hunt again, now there were a lot of new places and quest meanwhile also so we went exp on deathlings/carnivoras/winter and summer court in June 2020 I finally reached my level 500 goal.

Now that I've got it, I just exp from time to time on it but I mostly focus on remaining achievements, the outfits, and the new quests and bosses to complete. I honestly didn't set myself a new level goal on my MS, but finding more joy lately in leveling up my 200 ed with Ervy's 200 EK or my 230 RP solo. But who knows what the future brings - I might find new motivation for my MS, to exp as much as I did before, again!

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