Friday, October 16, 2020

Your Goals #10: Ohin: The legend of the club.

I came back to Tibia roughly in 2013, and back then the game felt completely different than the game I knew when I was still in school. I chose a knight, since that was my vocation before as well, and just like old times, I realized a Knight was just as good as their Skills, so I spent the first few months just training on the Dwarves in Cormaya. Back then the classes were more balanced, but Club Weapons seemed to be the cheapest, so I decided to go with them, since after Skills, the equipment seemed to be the most important part of an EK, and having access to some cheap upgrades seemed like a must. Little did I know how much this would impact my future.

I started playing on North American Servers, but moved to Europe IRL and decided to come to Antica. Antica is a wonderful server (not without its problems mind you), but full of old-timers. Some of the older EKs here had amazing skills, and that was something I always looked up upon.

After a while, CipSoft introduced two new features to the game that also changed what I had my eyes set on: Titles and Exercise Weapons. I will not lie, I was really fascinated with having "Legend of the club" displayed next to my name. But by that time I didn't have the patience to train online anymore, and offline training, while a great tool, would not be enough. You see, despite everything I like to enjoy the game and all its content, be it hunting, exploring new areas, or doing Quests and Bosses with friends. And, of course, those come with an inherent risk of dying. It's no news to any of us that the death penalties in Tibia are what keeps the game interesting because they are really brutal. In the case of skills, one single death can mean weeks of training lost, and, as the saying goes, "The higher you climb the farther you fall", so climbing the ranks of the Highscores list was never an easy task.

That's where the new Exercise Weapons came into play. They gave us a means of training online which was previously not possible. This gave me a new tool to try and secure the Legend of the Club title, which I finally managed back in the beginning of this year.

But the fight is not over. In between deaths and other players competing for the title, the hustle continues. Right now my #TibiaGoal is to get to Club Fighting 130, hopefully by the end of the year.

This should be especially feasible since I'm gonna be home for Christmas, and we usually get a Double Skill event during that time, so I've already started collecting the money! The only hard thing is explaining to my family why does my phone alarm goes off every 16min40sec, but we gotta do what we gotta do!

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