Saturday, October 24, 2020

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1. New house spell: prevent players from moving house items


Currently there is no way to prevent people from moving items around in houses. This is a problem with open houses: houses in which the owner has granted access to a large number of people, usually their guild or the entire server, so that everyone can take advantage of their dummies, hireling, etc.


Store items, in conjunction with furniture and beds, can be moved around maliciously to block entrance to the house. There have been many times I have arrived at my house to find someone has moved my exercise dummy into the door tile and blocked it off with furniture behind it, so that nobody else is able to enter.


I am proposing a new house spell that gives house owners control over who can move items around. My suggestion is alana ani. Its pronunciation is similar to the paralyse spell, but with the house prefix:

al: house, ana: cancel/remove, ani: movement.

Any characters on this list will be unable to move items around.

Players must still be able to interact with items such as the reward shrine, mailbox, exercise dummy, imbuing shrine, hireling. For this to be possible, the context menu would still contain use and use with as actions. Whether players are able to open containers is up for debate. The trade with, rotate and wrap actions should be disabled.

Certain store items such as floor coverings could have use disabled, to prevent people from rolling them up.

Problems with the proposed solution

This new house spell works in the opposite way to all of the other house spells. All other house spells grant a privilege to a player, while this one revokes it. This might be a source of confusion.

I considered the opposite approach (i.e. the default is nobody can move items, but characters on the list can), but this would not be backwards-compatible with the current system, as it would require every house owner in Tibia to update this new list. For this reason, I think that allow by default is the correct approach.

It would be possible for players to use rare items such as vibrant egg. House owners should be made aware of this, and not put consumable items on the floor where other players can access them.


With this change implemented, I envisage a more open Tibia, with players granting wider access to their houses and purchasing more items from the store, knowing that the rest of the server will be able to utilise from their generosity.

Larger guilds will be able to benefit from this change too, by permitting new recruits entry to their guildhall without worrying that they will steal anything or vandalise the place." - Kikaro

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