Thursday, October 1, 2020

Player of the Month #3: Elee Bae

Our Player of The Month for October is Elee Bae. The sorceress from Wintera is getting close to the level 550 and we could see the character's progress on her twitch channel!


Can you introduce yourself? How old are you, what do you do irl?

-My name is Cali, some people call me by Elee (character name) or Cali Lu (stream name). I live in the USA, currently on the east coast in North Carolina. I am 27 years old, writing this oddly enough reminded me how close to being 30 I am. LOL 
For a long time, I never chose to share so much real life info about myself with in-game friends or stream viewers. I am a single mother and business school graduate. I hope to be pursuing my Master's Degree in Business after I move.

When and how did you first hear of Tibia?
-I first heard of Tibia back in 2006, when my brother and his friend introduced me to Tibia. I spent an extended time on Rookgaard because initially, I did not know you could leave.

What was your first character?
-The very first character I created was named Octaviana on Lucera (now merged into Impera). I was in Diehard's noob guild of low levels and fought in war. I had redskull twice on that character. Although I don't have access to that account anymore, I am grateful for my creation of Elee Aellondrie in 2010 now named Elee Bae.

Which aspect of Tibia do you enjoy the most?
-I don't exactly have one aspect of Tibia that I enjoy more than the rest. I go through what I call "Tibia Phases". These phases consist of all aspects of Tibia; hunting/gaining experience or rushing to meet a level goal I have, achievement hunting, questing or exploring things I may not have already done in Tibia, RPGing or simply hanging out with people in-game, decorating my houses or my friend's houses, and PvP focused mode (my friends enjoy this phase of my gaming the most). I enjoy everything that can be done in Tibia, and I strive to do better in each "phase".

Is there a person in Tibia that you admire or admired?
-One person that I truly admire in Tibia is my partner, Calmi Papi. Despite us both playing the same vocation, we have both made a lot of in-game progress in the past year. I strive for the patience he has to shoot wands on double events and to farm daily bosses for loot.

X or Y (Would you rather)

Decoration or questing?
-Decoration - This was hard to choose because I love doing both.
Store mounts or store outfits?
-Store mounts - I would feel differently if there were achievements for store outfits and mounts.
Losing equipment or losing levels?
-Losing levels - Experience can be accumulated again, equipment can be difficult to replace.
Assassin or Barbarian?
Oldschool or newschool
-Newschool - Although I miss how RPG every Tibia player once was.
Never be able to decorate again or never be able to chat in-game again? 
-Never be able to chat in-game again - Decorating is a relaxing way for me to enjoy Tibia, I can chat with friends in Discord or TS.
Tibia on a laptop or regular PC?
-Gaming PC
Stream or watch streams?
Thais or Carlin?
Not being able to use attack spells or not being able to use support spells?
-For my MS - Not be abe to use support spells, I can mana shield and still do damage. 
For my ED - Not be able to use attack spells, I can still use runes and support spells.

What was your biggest Tibian goal? Do you have any goals now?
-My biggest Tibian goal was to reach the first page of highscores for sorcerers on Wintera, top 50 level sorcerers. Now that I have reached that goal, it will be even more difficult to maintain it. Due to many transfers to Wintera, I was kicked down to rank 52 on the Achievements page for Wintera. Now I am tied for rank 50 because it is listed alphabetically. 
My current Tibian goal is to return to top 50 magic level for sorcerers on Wintera and top 50 charm points all vocations (I am currently rank 55 or so). Everytime I get super close to it, someone else transfers a character to Wintera pushing me back to the second page.

You stream Tibia, can you tell us what made you decide to start streaming and why did you choose Twitch as your streaming platform?
-When I returned to playing Tibia in January 2018, one of my goals was to begin streaming Tibia. This wasn't a realistic goal for me because I was a full time college student and worked 60+ hours per week. After obtaining my Associate's Degree, it became more plausible for me to do more things I wished to. I began streaming in November 2018. My computer at that time was a potato. I'm sorry there is no other word to explain how awful it was for gaming and streaming. Months later I was able to buy myself a custom made gaming PC, and that's when my streaming really took off. I chose to stream on Twitch, because for years I watched many people on Twitch.

How did you come up with the idea of using luminescent crystals as decoration?
-I fell in love with the 2019 Winter update. The new quest, new hunting areas, and new items. My guild at that time gathered our "mysteriando team" and started exploring and questing. As soon as I mined the luminescent crystals inside the Barren Drift, my immediate reaction was I HAVE TO HAVE THESE FOR MY DECO. There aren't so many pink or purple colored decorations in Tibia that are easy to obtain.

If you were to describe Tibia in one sentence, what would it be?
-Tibia is a highly underestimated game, because there are many ways to enjoy and progress within Tibia.

Overall, do you think Tibia had a rather positive or negative impact on your life?
-I think Tibia has at times had both a negative and a positive impact on my life. For a long time I received so much negativity in Tibia for being female, for being a mother, for not being super high level, and the assumption that I don't know anything about the game. I do feel that sterotypes, assumptions, harassment, and sexism are real issues in Tibia. However, I have proven to many that I'm not some clueless American girl, I can stand my own ground, and I can also break your nose with a magic wall. LOL
Tibia has had many positive impacts on my life. It is an outlet that I choose to enjoy in my free time, Tibia is how I met my partner, and Tibia has taught me so much about how other's can act. There are some great people within Tibia.

Never have I ever...
Done a quest without using spoilers
-I completed Desert Dungeon Quest without spoilers with real life friends in 2006. I can't count the times we were lost or unsure of what we were doing.
Killed someone accidentally
-I have accidentally headshot UE or SD players when random pking on makers. One time a player was stream sniping me when I was hunting Hellfire Fighters, took skull on me, and I
left him in the respawn. I went to see why he was no longer following me and he had died to all the mobs I left at the portal.

Borrowed money/eq and never gave it back
-I have never been one to borrow money from anyone. I have borrowed items or equipment from friends in the past, I always make sure to return it to them personally.
Killed a husky in Svargrond
-I have killed huskies in Svargrond and I still need the bestiary. LOL
Lost internet connection during a hunt
-I have had issues with net providers before, where I had extreme ping spikes. I have also had
outages in my area that caused me to kick during a hunt or PvP battles.
Forgotten I am streaming and did something I was not supposed to
-I have never forgotten that I was streaming while streaming.
Accidentally got a red skull
-I have gotten redskull intentionally many times. I have also gotten redskull by accident because I healed a guildmate.
Died while explaining someone how to do something
-I have never died while explaining something to someone. Came close to dying a few times while
responding to someone during stream.
Lied about being laggy because I didn’t feel like hunting
-I have never lied about lag. If I tell someone I have lag, it's because its true.
Reported someone unjustly. 
-It's rare that I actually report a player for any reason. Any report that I have submitted is within reason to do so.

We are heading to the end! Do you have some words to the community?
-My words to the community: Enjoy the game, be yourself, and let the rest fall into place.

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