Friday, September 18, 2020

Your Goals #8: Nasty Kasper: Becoming a Master Hunter

Hi. I'm Nasty Kasper. Today I would like to share with you my latest achievement. It is the "Master Hunter" for fully unlocking 100 monsters in the hard level bestiary (the one with 4 stars). I don't know how long I worked on it, but it took a while. I think I struggled with him for about 2 years. I killed most of the monsters alone in combat. You know, it's harder and longer by yourself, but there are also few people who would like to hunt monsters on which you will never hunt again, because to get 100 monsters you have to go a little beyond the most popular hunting places. However, I have to mention the help of a guildmate with whom we did some hard monsters. I will not list all the 100 that I have done, I will tell you which ones were the hardest (of the ones I did). A lot depends on the profession.

As a paladin, the problem for me were the Bursted / Gazer and Ripper Spectres. I had to ask some mages for help, otherwise, it would be very difficult to hunt it. Getting the bestiary of the Cursed Book was also a challenge. Rapid respawn and my indispensable guild came to the rescue here. We also conquered a lot of Biting Books and Ink Blobs. Ogre Sage was reluctant too. One of the slowest monsters to get in the bestiary. But the worst of all the 100 monsters that I don't even want to look at anymore are Son of Verminor along with the Blightwalkers. No monster caused me so much difficulty, mental difficulty, because getting them done was not one of the longest. These paralyzes... no, never again!

During this adventure, I got monsters done that I said I would never get. However, over time it turned out that the devil’s not so black as he is painted. Or rather, one should say "bigger can do more" because the high level made my task much easier. Each successive monster just pumped me up to go further with this topic. Each subsequent 'catch' at the bestiary in Tibiopedia resulted in that, that I was already thinking about the next one. Filling those gaps between those already done was my goal.

Why did I do this? Because I like achievements. I like difficulties and going beyond the scheme. And this is one of the most difficult achievements. Certainly one of the most time-consuming, requiring a lot of time spent in the game. And the fact that, apart from me, probably only one person owns it on Antica, was just an additional motivation. I will not be original, but there are no difficult monsters to beat, you just need to be patient and spend the right amount of time on them.

I will definitely not stop there and I will continue to develop my bestiary, increase the number of Charm Points and at the same time pursue my next goal, but maybe more on that during the next discussion...

I encourage everyone to set their own goals and achieve them, slower, faster, at their own pace but forward.

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  1. Wow, looking at bestiary it amazes me how much work it was to get this achievement done. I think I will set it as my next goal! Nice!