Thursday, September 24, 2020

Your favourite creature sprite

A thank you to all 699 players who have participated in the recent feedback form: Your favourite creature sprite?

Between September 4 and September 18, we asked which creature sprite you consider to be the coolest, regardless of level, strength or loot of the creature itself. All in all, there were 686 valid entries. Only very few players had decided to name more than one creature. In such cases we counted the first creature that was given. Altogether, 226 different creatures were named, 123 of these only by one player each. That means there were 103 creatures sprites that have more than one true fan in the Tibia community.

Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present you the Top 10 creature sprites:

CreatureFrequencySprite     CreatureFrequencySprite
1. Demon67           6. Ferumbras17
2. Midnight Panther24           7. Dragon Lord13
3. Sight of Surrender23           8. Giant Spider13
4. Dragon21           9. Hellflayer13
5. Many Faces18           10. Yielothax13

These creature sprites will be added to the Tibia Fankit after the Winter Update 2020. Our fankit is free to download for everybody. It offers a great variety of different artworks, animated gifs, illustrations and useful files for streamers and video content creators.

As we stated already in a newsticker on September 18, five winners had been drawn automatically from the group of 686 players who had answered the question. These lucky winners have already received an arcane insignia in their inbox.

Thank you once again to all participants!
Your Community Managers

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