Sunday, September 20, 2020

TibiaGoals Riddles #13

[ESP] Encuentra las 8 diferencias
[PT] Encontra as 8 diferencas

Do you know the answer?
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  1. 1. Chameleon colour
    2. missing rose in rose bush 1sqm south of Chameleon
    3. colour of rose bush 1 sqm east of Chameleon
    4. Door colour
    5. Lady Mass colour
    6. Soft boots 1 sqm south from unicorns (they are missing of the left picture)
    7. 2sqm south of Lady Mass, golden rune emblem is different (animate dead to the left and thunderstorm to the right)
    8. raven, on the left picture there is white raven and on the right there is black raven in same spot

  2. 1) Chameleon colour left picture green, right orange/yellow
    2) Door colour left picture normal, right pink door
    3) animate dead rune left, thunderstorm rune right
    4) Left white raven and black, right black and black
    5) Left pink flowers in the tree, right pink and blue
    6) Left tree has less pink flowers
    7) Left has not a soft boots, right has that boots
    8) Lady Mass boots left picture blue, right pink
    9) Hair Lady Mass, left gray, right pinky

    Character: Zimny Czerwony

  3. 1. The color of the chameleon is different
    2. the middle rose of the pink roses is missing
    3. The pink roses of the right I see more shining
    4.The door have another color
    5. The character have different colors
    6. The rune emblems are different
    7. The soft boots
    8. the black raven

  4. 1. The chameleon
    2. The bush of roses
    3. The hair of Lady Mass
    4. The boots of Lady Mass
    5. The door
    6. The soft boots
    7. The rune emblem
    8. The white raven

  5. 1 Soft boots
    2 Rune Emblem thunderstorm
    3 Chameleon yellow
    4 Pink Roses
    5 Blue Roses
    6 Lady Mass hair pink and pink shoes
    7 Black Raven
    8 Pink Door at nort cause a lights i think

    Samuray de carro :)

  6. The chameleon
    The white raven
    The bush of roses
    The hair of Lady Mass
    the boots of lady mass
    The door
    The soft boots
    The rune emblem