Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Player of the Month #2: Neo The Boss

Our Player of the Month for September is Neo The Boss. The character is approaching level 700 on the server Quelibra, where he is a commander in a war guild Insanity.

Can you introduce yourself?
-I'm known in-game as Neo, I'm a player who enjoys fighting wars and pvping

How did you start playing Tibia? When was it?
-I started playing Tibia when around 1999-2000, I found out about the game I don't remember how exactly, but since I was always a fan of RPGs I decided to give it a try

Which aspect of the game do you enjoy the most and why?
-Well I enjoy pvp because, it is always more fun battling others rather than just killing monsters for leveling up you get to bond with some members of your team in order to achieve defeating the enemy team in battles and might even bond with enemies talking after that

Is there anything you want in Tibia that you don’t have yet?
-To answer your question, there is one damn item I have been always so close to get in numerous occasions, which is that damn hat everybody has on their head (Ferumbras' hat), the day when I can get my hat will come, hopefully, hahaha. I used to save so much money to get it and every time I was close I had to waste it all fighting.

Have you ever had some Tibian role-model or a player you really admired?
-To be honest, I never had a role model on Tibia,  like someone I looked up to. There are people I feel impressed by how their play style is on pvp, on hunts trying to get their max XP/h, people who try to solve quests, or fight for something they like or want ingame. There is some kind of admiration for those players who fight to achieve what they want, that's for sure

To learn more about you we would want to play X and Y, are you up?


Mage or citizen 

Orc Berserker or Fire Elemental
-People who played before know the true fear it struck when you were chased by orc berserkers, so Orc Berserker

Never leaving Roshamuul again or never entering Roshamuul again?
-Hmm that's an interesting one, but I would prefer never entering roshamuul again since there is so much more around the tibian world

Open PvP or retro PvP
-Both have their ups and downs, I fought a lot on both servers, but I guess Open for the fact that you do not have to stay so long stuck in one sqm

Be the richest player or the best player?
-Being the richest player would mean you have a lot of opportunities to become the best eventually if you are constant, I guess I would go for that if I had to choose between those two

TC outfits or tournament points outfits?
-I don't really like many of the tc outfits and tournaments are not boring, but I would really like that cerberus mount tho, I guess I would have to go with tournament points

Yalahar or Thais
-Thais all the way

Losing 200 levels or losing daily rewards streak?
-That’s a hard one,  200 lvls is a lot of exp, if we go by logic I would rather lose reward streak, it would take so much time recovering 200 levels, going from 660 to 460 is a lot of time, would rather lose my 1100+ day streak

Questing or doing the bestiary?
-Questing, bestiary is boring, even on rapid resp,  i try to avoid that, although I do have some bestiary points to have 5 runes

Citizen with or without addons?

-With addons, since I used them for soooooooooooooo long

Do you think that the Tibian friendships can turn into real-life friendships?
-Of course, I have some friends from Tibia that I would like to see eventually in real life

You collect daily rewards ever since they were first introduced, can you explain the importance of keeping the streak for you?
-It's more of being constant, after so many days collecting them it would be a shame letting that count go down to 0, it feels good to see so many numbers on a daily streak, so it is important to just keep it up, cant slow down now can we?

Which from the latest changes introduced by Cipsoft in Tibia do you appreciate the most and why?
-I always appreciate adding more quests and new items all the time, also the character thing would in some sort of way stop the unofficial trading, making people be able to obtain characters after coming back from a long time of retirement,  and not having to start all over again from 0. I do feel they could try to make more complex quests like back in the day where you had to dialogue in some sort of way with NPCs rather than just saying hi mission
What are the differences between wars on the NA and SA Worlds?
-Wars on SA servers are far more numerous in the amount of players involved but the behavior of individual players is perhaps a bit different than NA.  I feel in NA servers players like to fight until the end and will keep up even if they are short on numbers, it hardly goes to an agreement as it goes in SA servers. Although a couple years ago it was like that in NA servers as well, for example in the war I'm currently fighting from time to time they log around 5 support servers, making a total of around 350 enemies, against 150-200 from our team that's 500 dudes tossing SDs and UEs. You don't see that amount of players on any NA servers
Do you think Tibia had any influence on your real life?
-I've been always the same type of person, the game has not had any effect on how I am as a person or caused any change in my behavior

We are heading to the end! Up for a short never have I ever game? -ok

Never have I ever...
Died without blessing
-I have, even if it was on a maker, like when you start up your maker and go hunt and don't even care about blessing it up, and eventually die at Coryms hahah

Killed a teammate on purpose
-Numerous times haha, I have, specially when we are in the middle of a fight, and we ue combo and our buddy goes down as well

Ran out of potions and died
-Happened to me the other day I ran out of potions asked for pots and nobody gave me potions and I dropped :c

Fallen asleep during hunt
-I have, not many times, only like 5 times. when I was rushing makers to support other servers I often used to pass out since it was many hours of gaming, and around 2-3 am to keep playing some times I couldnt keep up, and just passed out. My teammates used to lure monsters and push me so i die so they could continue sharing exp, I don’t blame them!

Had an embarrassing moment on the TeamSpeak
-I try to think about it, but I can't remember one yet. Gratefully I used push to talk since day one so I could avoid numerous embarrassing moments hahaha but from my part I can't name one yet but eventually there will be one who knows hahaha, no one goes out clean of that one. Like the only thing that could be considered and not even close is having my mic stay open due to a bug or something and making some weird noise

Died because of my own fault and blamed the team
-I have, multiple times hahah, if it was for staying behind after everyone left, or some mistake I did, I would say EK didn't challenge or nobody MW my side Lost more than 3 levels in one day
-I have, I lost 10 levels in 3 days, which was a hell of a journey to recover  since i kept dying in between as well, problems with internet, dying in respawns chasing pks,  getting swarmed by enemies
Fallen for a trap by other players and get a red/black skull
-That never happened to me, I know those tricks, are the oldest in the book hahaha  but i still felt overwhelmed by how many people fell for those traps after me warning them multiple times
Met someone from Tibia IRL
-not yet but soon, very soon after we are able to go out again in my country i'll meet someone very special :D when we can be free to move around again in my country I will meet Michi and be together, it's something we both are looking forward to so we can spend our time together

Said “I quit Tibia” and came back anyway
-Haven't we all done that?

-Do you have any encouraging words to the community?
-I could say to never give up and keep going at it, at your own pace, not try to push or overdo it, so that you could always enjoy your time in game and enjoy sharing it with your friends because if you spend too much time chasing after something in-game, most of the time you would stress out and end up doing the complete opposite, stay cool, enjoy the game and share experiences with friends and others and fight for your goals and help others too #tibiagoals

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  1. Very wise words to the community, thanks for that! It's always nice to see that other people also like to just enjoy the time in game and share positiveness with friends. A lot of luck with rl meeting with Michi, wish you all the best.