Friday, September 4, 2020

Garnera's three-year-old war is finally over! And the victory is for Watch Os!

Hey ho! And the flashing news for today is that the great war, the long lasting and never ending war of Garnera has finally came to an end! and the victory is for the guild Watch Os

For those that follow the pvp wars this is certainly a shockable event and I'm sure you have all kind of questions and in this article we will try to answer them. This time we've interviewed one of the leaders of Watch OsDranz, he plays an Elder Druid level 839 and what he enjoys the most in tibia is the war, most specifically the running respawns either skulled or running against pk's, He also enjoys killing players with his main character although he pointed out that in Open PvP you must certainly find the right moment to do it.

Garnera's war was one of the longest lasting war of the latest period in tibia Open PvP. When the empire of the Team OS fell, and their leaders Rossebaud and Juan Manuel retired, many former members decided to jump from the "sinking boat" and join the enemy alliance, wars that were running within few months ended resulting in the failure for the sides that were once supported by the Team Os and many were certain this would be the fate of Watch Os but it wasn't. They overcacme great challenges over the years and today we celebrate their will to fight for so long for something they believed, whether it was their server or their lidership.

Without further due, let's go to the interview!

Hi Dranz! Before we start let us congratulate you for this great victory for Watch Os, how does it feel to win the server after 3 years of fighting? were you there since the beginning?
-Hey! Thanks. It is quite satisfying that all the effort of both, the leaders and the team has paid off after 3 years and we've consolidated the victory. I am certainly very happy for all the members of my guild. Although I would have loved to be in Garnera since the beginning of the war, I must say that I arrived on the server two months before the first year was due. It can be said that I was active in the war for 2 years. Before this I played in Lobera.

For sure! The victory of Watch Os over Never Surrender was shocking news for the community. Could you tell us what happened in the end? How did the conclusion happen or if you consider that there were a series of events that happened to bring it to an end? 
I think both Watch Os and Never Surrender were quite worn out by the war. It had been 3 years that are easy to say but it was a time of many ups and downs for both teams. The wear and tear of the leaders was too much given that the responsibility of carrying the team lies with them. That said, I believe that there were several turning points in this war. When I arrived at the Garnera, most of our members were merely fighters; I mean, they wanted to fight and fight but they didn't hunt as much as they should and I am convinced that to win Ope
n PvP wars today you have to occupy the best respawns in the game. At a certain point during the war, new people came to the team whose priority was to hunt, so then we had both sides of the coin, this made the war very inclined towards us.Another important point was the failed transfers to Never Surrender. A little over a month ago, our enemies received 100 transfers from Quintera. We were about 100 vs 100 fighting for the dominance of Garnera. At that moment we decided to put as much pressure as possible on them to prove that Garnera was ours. Soon the whole team that had arrived to their team deci
ded to come with us. This was a very hard blow for them because they realized that if those transfers didn't make them win, nothing would. We kept pushing day after day and all that combined with the wear and tear that I had mentioned before, gave us victory.
Yes, undoubtedly many people came and went during these years. The most important thing was that everyone had confidence in Pablo, the main leader of the guild, that we were going to win. He kept the team always active.

Wow! I can only imagine the wear for the team that was there since the beginning! Even the psychological blow that was for Watch Os to see all these transfers arriving against, before even knowing that this would turn tables. This leads me to ask, did you have any significant time of downs within your guild? the loss of players at some point as well?  and What was the key to keeping the team motivated for so long on the road to victory?
Yes, undoubtedly many people came and went during these years. The most important thing was that everyone had confidence in Pablo, the main leader of the guild, that we were going to win. He kept the team always active.

Now that we talk a little about the leadership, I would like to ask you, what key qualities did the leadership of Watch Os had to reach this result? What was "done well"?
I think our leadership was quite good and I also think that all the leaders had the same winning strategy which was to attack. We thought that to win we had to kill all day, give KS and take the best respawns so we transmitted that to all the members.

Personally, it has been a long time since I have had to fight a war for so long, was it hard for you to stay firm in the war? Motivated? Or you got used to that style of play. what was it that kept you in battle all this time?
Both teams got used to the style of playing (in war) even though it was very repetitive. It never crossed my mind to give up but I do have to accept that there were times when I was very tired and wanted to take a break. However, if I did, I knew that there were other leaders like Chais, Alesba, Pablosqui, Marco, Allyson and especially Pablo, they were going to take the team forward. What kept me firm was the desire to win. 

What learning could you say that you take away from this enormous victory and experience? and what's next for Watch Os? "what's next"?
From Garnera I learned that winning in Open PVP is very difficult and even more so if it is against an enemy who is willing to resist whatever happens. The next thing we will do in Watch Os is to shield Garnera. We don't plan on fighting on another server at the moment but we want to be ready for anything.

Very interesting and we wish you the best of luck enjoying what you have harvested for so many years! Thank you very much from and the tibia community for letting us be part of this celebration 🎊 🍾
-Thank you Michi!

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