Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Divine Decoration Tricks #1: Bed tricks - custom beds, bed bridge & canopy patio

Welcome to the new series of articles related to tricks in decorations.
All the tricks are my original ideas and in this section, I will share them with you!

In today's Divine Decoration Tricks I will show you how to create a custom bed and a bed bridge

1. Custom Beds

In 2020 Cipsoft finally enabled us to move and rotate the beds the way we want. The beds consist now out of two parts that merged together create the whole bed.

That gives us a lot of room for creativity and we can create our own beds out of the separate parts.
Remember, though, that it has only got a visual function because we won't be able to use the bed properly if there isn't the footboard there.

I decided to create a kingsize double bed in a dark wooden style. You can obviously experiment with my idea and create your own custom beds - I will love to see them!

Items used:
wooden trunk
zaoan chess pawn
canopy bed headboard
square cushion

How it's done:

2. A bed bridge

Just because the bed parts are meant to create beds, we do not necessarily have to stick to that rule. 
We can just as well use the parts to create brand-new things out of them.

One of my ideas was to create a bridge through the night sky made out of the footboards and this is how it came out.

Items used:
zaoan chess pawn
blue bed footboard
luminescent crystals

How it's done:

3. Canopy patio

Another way to use the footboards of the bed is creating a canopy patio. 

My goal was to create a fancy Arabic styled patio with the canopy and pillows. 

Used items:
canopy bed footboards
zaoan chess pawns

How it's done:

I hope you enjoyed this very first tutorial of Divine Decoration tricks.
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Come back soon!

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