Friday, August 21, 2020

Your Goals #6: Emperor Of Rookgaard

Heya! I'm Manu, 23 years old. I would like to share with y'all my story in Rookgaard.

I can remember perfectly when world Nova opened, I started playing it with my cousin. Rookgaard, the beginning city gave me several challenges, for example how to get a doublet clicking on square map really common. At this point, I've met really nice people, already retired or others like Dark Gladir, Strugu Rookslayer.
My first character was Ash Shin. It was sorcerer level 15 with a really low mana. That's because I was exping on Rookgaard till that level and I got the mana and HP as no vocation instead of such classes that we have on mainland.

I didn't enjoy the mainland at all, I found it too easy (excluding the PvP), so I decided to make another rookstayer, Ghas Oskar, I leveled it up until like level 20, took it to mainland and left it again, I really found nothing special about it. Finally I decided to give it another shot and just stay in rookgard, so here comes Emperor Of Rookgaard, which is actually close to 34 level, 20 sword +1 (loyalty) and shield 27 in the world of Antica.
I discovered so much about the famous SOF, all that I can say is that you can get it (without bug 2014 dawnport/isle of destiny), I really wait for it like GM said.
On the one hand, I keep exping in spiders/poison spiders/bugs, for me is a good way to reach my 2.000.000 gold pieces and use it to get "Potion Addict" achievement, I really like it.
On the other hand, I'm now getting level 50, it will be my second goal, I can do like 20k experience per hour in Minotaur Hell and also the luck to kill Apprentice Sheng, I already killed 5 and none of them gave me the knife to train my sword skill.

About my experience in Rookgaard, I appreciate each update that CipSoft do with map details, it gives me a feeling about the medieval game that I meet in 2006.
Rookgaard isn't easy if you use your brain to make your own conclusion about SOF or MOF. I had already spent like 10h walking, picking, using shovel around the map to check each behavior in the isle for several days without stop.
The worst part of Rookgaard in Antica is that you can't be AFK, you could die lured if someone keeps pushing you, you won't lose any items but you will lose something like 10 skilling hours plus your experience, I remember when I died training in minotaur hell... i lost like 40k experience, to recover all it took me like 2-3 days that's why the experience isn't high, each level that you increase will take longer hunts, for example from 33 to 34 it can be like 5h exping in minotaur hell, 6h in spiders.

Maybe you will think that it's nothing, yeah, maybe you are right, I guess you come here, you will feel like a level 300 hunting dragons for several hours.
To resume, I decided to stay in Antica because the Rookgaardian community, its really nice meet people there, share myths, ideas or suggestions to improve that big and small island that gave us our first taste of Tibia.
And that's all for now

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