Friday, August 14, 2020

Your Goals #5: Alesita Sio: Levels and much more

Hey! I am Alee, also known as Alesita Sio. I am not too good in writing about myself, but I have decided to make an exception. This picture lacks a lot of people who are really important to me, but on the bright side, thanks to the photo I have met another friend, who's the guy who helped me decorate it! Even a boy decorates a thousand times better than me and that's a fact.

Well, Tibia has given me many life lessons, the most important of all is that I don't open any links xD !!
Tibia gave me smiles, tears, love, friends, and also betrayal because why not xD Tibia has everything, it can be compared to a telenovela!
Tibia helped me get through a huge depression, which I had to face twice in my life. My best friend stopped being my best friend, but thanks to Tibia I have met a great boy who was my boyfriend for a long time, even though we are no longer together and we are not in the best relations now. For a long time I played Tibia alone, I started playing with my brother but he has been retired for a long time now
After so many years wandering in Xantera (which is now Wintera), I joined an Os guild. I do not remember most of the people from the guild, but I will always remember Juan Manuel, because he has given me so much trust, he is definitely one of the people I consider really significant thinking back to the times when I was in Os. Being in Os, I realized that just being PK and being in war are two completely different things, I still consider myself a "nohand" when it comes to war ;D

After some time of being in Os I retired, and then I came back to Tibia. I was in Talera for a month maybe haha, and then I transferred to Quintera, where I have made several friends. One of the friends that I remember the most and that despite the fact we do not play on one server anymore I still keep in touch with is my little Assuna Hith. I don't know how we became friends but I swear to you that this girl won my heart, I love her with all my heart.
While in Quintera I also met the boy Rafztein, I will not tell you much about him, only that a bird pooped on him when I met him and that he gave me many recommendations for achievements haha ​​thank you very much Rafa.

Later on, I transferred to Solidera, but I didn't do much there. I retired after a while, and when I came back my guild lost the war, so I went to Talera, which is the server where I currently play. I came to Talera with Nestorin, who is a piece of love really! Thanks to him I have made so many achievements, so girls, if you want some advice on achievement, I can completely recommend you Nestorin, who is my sensei. He makes my hair go grey, and I know he will read this at some point and he will send me a message saying "Manca" (no-hand) or a silly sticker :c but let him know that despite this I still loveusomoch!
In Talera I have also made many friends in this little time, starting with miss Lady Mass, thank you for being such a nice person with me, you are a great person! I also met the guys from the Maruchan guild, they're very wild, but good guys! Thanks to the team I am finally 450 after a long time!
The reason behind this post is not only me reaching 450 level, even though for me, it is a super achievement to have reached 450 after so many years, but I wrote it also to praise all the people who have been with me all this time. Assu, Zeika, Nestor, I love you with all my heart! Are we gonna celebrate the 450?!

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