Friday, August 14, 2020

Your Goals #3: Nay'Lay - Be who you want to be and not who others would like you to be.

Hello everyone! My name is Felipe, I am gay, I'm 27 years old and I've been playing tibia for 17 years now. My account was made on 2007 and I play 3 characters in it (RP 504), (MS 349) and (ED 315), but why 3 characters? Well, even though my MS is not my highest level, it is my main character. 

The story that I'd like to tell you is the following: for some time I stopped leveling up my main char, the char that I genuenely love (Nay'Lay) to satisfy the needs of others, of my "friends" on the parties for sharing exp, bosses, etc... And today I may ask myself, where are these friends now?, I don't even know... Anyway, one day enough was enough, in the lonelyness I decided then to go back playing the vocation that I actually like even if back then it was hardly a main char, my Master Sorcerer. No more opression, no more doing things to pleace others, instead I'd like to play the game the way I'd feel good doing it. And so I finally did! And it was the best experience.

This is something I am proud of, this might seem little for some but it is actually a great deal, how many times we are stucked in a cycle like this? And how long has it taken for us to realize and to remember to be our own men/women. How many things have we left behind or lost in the process? I am proud of myself for finally knowing there is no one more important to stand up for than for myself. I always took care of people but I got to awknowledge that there is no one more important to take care of than myself.

So I'd just like to leave one word of advice, if you like playing RP, play an RP. If you like to play Master Sorcerer, do it so! And if sadly your friends need any other vocation in game, let them find it. And what about you? You can do whatever that you'll feel happy doing, build the person you think you'll be the proudest being, "Be who you want to be and not who others would like you to be".


  1. I'm loving your statement, "Be who you want to be and not who others would like you to be". It was nice to read about your story!