Monday, August 3, 2020

Your goals #3: Michi The Queen: You become what you believe

It’s been quite a journey and as for myself, my biggest goal was my ferumbras hat, to win it and to put it on my lovely char! We were at war in Garnera, I was part of the guild Never Surrender against Closed; we were all expecting Ferumbras and since there was an active war, it was agreed that whomever dropped it would keep it. October 15 of 2017 Ferumbras announced it’s return on Liberty Bay raid, we were all ready inside the room and I was just expecting to drop anything basically, but then I won the hat… and everyone knew I did because I couldn’t content my joy and didn’t think of what would happen, if I didn’t.

It was a victory, the biggest victory for myself throughout my career and such a joy but at the same time it brought a big burden. The society wasn’t ready then for a woman to win such a price over 300 men. After the celebrations finished, the heads of the server would gather with me and ask me to give my hat to them or they’d ban me from the server I fought for years, overwhelmed I refused to give them something that was rightfully mine in the most selfish and sexist act, because I was a girl. I left from that server proud with the hat on myself and for years I had to be known as thief and not trusty, people would start making up any kind of dirty story, denigrating story, the society back then was determined to rip the hat out of my head with psychological oppression, but I was determined to grasp my success and remain strong as a wall “one day they will give up making things up and I will tell my story, and by then I’d have proven my worthy. People will believe me in the end”. At the end, I wouldn’t have done it without the support of the community, of the good people that trusted me. They’ve been there to catch me with such certainty in myself and with so much love they made me realize, you do become what you believe .

Tibia has been a part of my life, there is no way to deny that. It has driven me through learnings, through tough moments even through love. I would have to say that this specific game has forged my personality through different challenges and life lessons. Just like real life we can encounter people trying to bring you down, people getting envious of your achievements and the higher I got, the harder they tried to bring me down, nevertheless, with the new momentum of instagram, we’ve created strong bonds among the community, we’re able to follow the story of players and they follow ours, around the world and servers, there’s the other side of the coin to the “negativity” is the good and positive people that see your victories and the more they see your struggle.

The more they will try to cheer for you to keep on going, they will show you their admirations because they are going through challenges themselves, either in real life or in game and this support often made me realize I had to keep on going. I had to do it for me and for them to honor the support of hundreds of people that don’t even know me and want to see me overcoming obstacles with strength and determination, and to believe that by me doing it will give them strength as well. It is a cycle of positiveness of having each other back, and this totally shadows the awful experiences, when you are able to grasp it and embrace it and sometimes to even thank you’re going through something difficult that could mess you up but it doesn’t because there’re more good angels together than bad. This is what I take from all of the experiences and thank all that I’ve gone through and would never change anything because of all the love and support I’ve received twice the amount.

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  1. Congratulations for your achievement, or I could say your goal, your great goal... thats admirable, congratulations for your story aswell