Saturday, August 1, 2020

Tibia Goals #2: Ely Blademaster - A dream to come true

Before my favourite outfit in game was the full druid outfit with my panda mount. But once they introduced the Elementalist outfit (Summer 2011) and lady bug mount (Winter 2011), I fell in love. So everyday for a long time I went to kill the mad mage in the Edron and back then someone would always come in after I used the slimes and killed my mad mage. Eventually I took a break because there was a lot of power abuse with it.

So I focused on getting my four leaf clover. I did many points in the hive with my friends and we went in to get the gooey masses. Nobody on my server knew how to enter the hive walls at the time so my friends and I figured it out. We took our chances and boom! I got the clover. I got to tame it and my God it was the greatest feeling ever! I asked around to see who else had it but nobody had gotten it yet, some people transferred in who had it but nobody got it. I didn’t even expect that but to be the first to get such a cute mount felt like an honour.

Soon after that I did manage to get another one which I ended up selling and buying my Mage’s Cap so I got my first Elementalist addon, it felt like my life on Tibia was complete. I couldn’t have found one to buy without the help of my friends who continued to check their servers for me. So much thanks for their help! I knew that the spikes would be the hardest to get so I started saving my money because back then the spikes went for 30kk which was really hard to make since I’m not the person to hunt a lot. So, I kept saving but the price kept rising up to 80kk.

Eventually I finally sold whatever I could to make the last bit of money and Edd helped me out too since I was 4kk short because I had to pay for the transfer too. But to have finally completed the outfit felt amazing. All my hard work with a bit of help and the amount of time that it took, just felt so nice to have done. I still love getting new outfits and mounts to add to my collection but if you ever see me, I’ll be using the Elementalist and Lady Bug the most. My next goal that I have been working on is saving for a Ferumbras’ Hat. I am not as active anymore on Tibia, so I try whenever I get the chance. I am also leveling a new character on an Optional-PVP server which I hope to get almost all the same goals that I have already completed on my main, right now my goal for that is to get level 200 & the lady bug mount.

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