Wednesday, August 26, 2020

TibiaGoals Riddles #6

[ESP] Benjamin, Black Bert y Capitán Bluebear están todos en Thais. Cada uno de ellos es o un ENEMIGO que solamente sabe mentir o un ALIADO que solamente dice la verdad. Benjamin dice algo en un idioma estraño, blackbert traduce: "Él dijo que él es un enemigo".
Capitan Bluebear responde: "Blackbert está mintiendo"

¿Quién es aliado?

[PT] Benjamin, Black Bert e o Capitán Bluebear están todos en Thais. Cada um de eles é um INIMIGO que soamente sabe mentir ou um ALIADO que soamente sabe dizer a verdade. Benjamin diz algo em uma lingua estranha, blackbert traduz: "Ele disse que ele é o inimigo".
Capitan Bluebear responde: "Blacbert está mintindo".

Quem é aliado?

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  1. Captain Bluebear is an ally.
    Enemy nor ally would say that they are enemy, so Black Bert is lying, making Bluebear telling the truth. About Benjamin we can't be sure.

  2. Benjamin and Captain Bluebear

  3. Captain Bluebear is ally.
    Black Bert lied about Benjamin saying he's the enemy in a strange language, also Black Bert can't say he's an ally or enemy so he had to lie about Benjamin which makes Black Bert the enemy and Captain the Ally.

  4. Captain bluebear
    Sir wuachachucho

  5. Captain bluebear
    Sir wuachachucho

  6. R Captain Bluebear

    Char: Samuray De Carro

  7. hmmmm...... this one is hard!!! but so far Im liking it lol!

    I think that Benjamin is Ally (Because he said something in his own language and he stated it) and also Captain Bluebear is Ally because maybe he knows the "strange language" that Benjamin speaks therefore Captain caught Blackbert misstranslating (lying) what Benjamin said :B

  8. Alright, this one quite hard. I think that Benjamin is an ally (I guess almost no enemy would say that he/she is an enemy, and also Benjamin used to be a general from Thais - maybe it means something), that being said, Black Bert is an Enemy (sorry Black Bert), and Captain Bluebear is an Ally.

    Let us know the right answer! I'm curious

    Char: Lagertha Lodbrucs

  9. Captain Bluebear

    Char: Zimny Czerwony