Friday, August 7, 2020

Tibia Goals #4: Bijou Kidi - Skills are more important than your level

„Skills are more important than your level” – those were the words I heard from my friend in 2004 when I started to play Tibia on Azura. Back then I was 25 level druid with 24 magic levels. I remember it like it was yesterday – my real-life friend and I were chilling in Carlin. He was 15 level sorcerer, but he had over 30 magic levels, and believe me, at that time it was something! He was always telling me that skills are more important. I didn’t pay too much attention though. I think that the moment when I started to train my magic was that moment when he killed slime faster than me, although we had a big difference in levels.
Of course, Tibia went forward and at some point, the level did more damage than skills and you wouldn’t care if your 100 druids would have 80 or 90 magic levels. But, for me it was important. I wanted to keep the balance between level and skills.

My goal was to get level 600. It isn’t much nowadays, we have a lot of 800+, but it’s enough to deal decent damage. Currently, I’m having my 125 magic on high scores and less than 40% to 130 in-game. This is my next goal. And I’m pretty sure it will be satisfying for me.

What does it mean "in-game”? Some people tend to say, that only high score magic level counts. I’m counting my skill with loyalty because I earned loyalty by having a long-time premium account. So why shouldn’t I? I’m more than happy with my current skill, that’s why I’m often using utamo vita on almost everything that is more dangerous than rats in Thais severs. To get some % back from lost skill would cost a fortune, so I rather lose more manas.

I also would like to tell players out there to remember to play how you want and how you feel like, in the end, it’s your character that you are improving, no matter if it's skills, level, outfits, or mounts, quests or just chilling in the protection zone. What is important is to accept your gaming style and the gaming style of others.

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