Saturday, August 1, 2020

Player of the Month #1: Dyaniixz

Our Player of the Month for August is Dyaniixz. This druidess is an inhabitant of Talera and managed to get over 500 levels on her character!

Can you introduce yourself? How old are you, what do you do in real life etc.
-Hello, my name is Diana, I am 27 years old & I am a nurse in real life & I work in a private hospital.

When did you start playing Tibia and how did you hear of the game?
-I started on Jun 2006, I knew about Tibia thanks to a real friend who used to play with his older brothers, they helped me a lot at the beginning.

What is the background of your Tibian main character’s name?
-Well, not a big deal, when I started my first name was Dyaana, then I changed it to Dhyar Dothraki (some friends got the last name Dothraki from a TV show we liked), when they retired I changed to Dyaana Mia (my mom used to play Tibia with Mia's last name) Then changed to Dyaniixz because it sounded cute & nice (lol).
Your mom played Tibia! That’s fascinating, want to elaborate on this topic a little?

-We played together a few months on Empera, but then I went to play on Fortera with my old friends & finally, she came to play with me & helped me on getting addons by hunting creatures who looted the items I needed.

What is your favorite thing to do in Tibia?

-My favorite thing to do in Tibia is getting achievements & sometimes do quests on makers. I used to explore more about the game but then I didn’t have much time to play when I started working so I just decided to do the easy things as achievements or decorations.
To learn more about you, we would want to play a little X and Y game, are you up?
Port Hope or Liberty Bay
-Liberty Bay
Questing or hunting
Pirate outfit of Druid outfit
Never use Utamo Vita again or never use Strong Haste again
-That’s a hard one... but as I like to play safe... Never use Strong Haste!
First Dragon or first Demon
-First Demon was way more exciting than Dragon
Thais or Carlin
-Thais ofc!
KS or battle?
Unlimited Tibia Coins you cannot sell, or unlimited Gold Coins without the possibility to buy Tibia Coins?
-Unlimited Tibia Coins! I could get sweet deco from store hahaha
Elementalist or Assassin?
-I've always wanted Elementalist full but I'll go for Assassin Outfit... it's just that nothing compares to it!
Rise of Devovoraga or Lightbearer?
-I'll go for Lightbearer because I like the Torch :D

Coming back to the regular questions! Is there any Tibia player that you find inspiring?
-From the new ages in Tibia, I admire & find inspiring Kasia (Divine'Angel) for all the things she has achieved on her own, she encourages us all to follow her example & show us girls can do whatever we want if we make our efforts. <3

What is your current Tibia goal?
-My current Tibia goal is to earn money to buy the Elemental Spikes (or loot them) so I can get my Elementalist Outfit Full, but I guess I'll just have to buy it since I'm not a "hunting" person to try to loot them! haha :(

If you were to teach someone how to play Tibia, what would you start with and why?
-I'll teach them how to loot the creatures’ products/money, and watch their life/mana while hunting, that way they'll know which monsters are easier to kill and make some money to survive!

Did Tibia influence your life positively?

-I think it did! I learned two languages thanks to Tibia, I've met great people in here from all around the world, I met my boyfriend here & we are living together in real life now! <3 & I've had good & bad experiences in the game, from which I've learned such lessons, who to trust or not, who's got my back even if they don't know me in real life. Tibia has given me a lot!

Why do you think you still find Tibia interesting after all the years of playing?

-First, the Role Play, I like to do quests, explore & discover. Secondly, the wars in the game are so fun for me. Third, the friends I've made here always have new stories to tell & we can always find new adventures to share with friends.             

We are heading to the end! Up for a short never have I ever game? If you have done something, answer I have, if you haven’t, answer I haven’t. If you would want to provide some explanations to your answers, be our guest!
-Of course!

Never have I ever...

...died being AFK
-I have :(

...dropped a parcel in the dustbin instead of the mailbox.
-I HAVEEE! With a dragon shield back in 2006 :'c  I'll never forget that haha

...said “Hi” to open depo
-I haven't... YET!

...lied about being kicked after dying
-I haven't!! I swear haha:c when I die by me being dumb I just say it :(!

...been sent to prison by King Tibianus
-I haven't! (How do I do that?:o)

...killed someone accidentally
-I haven't, when I kill someone I always mean it >:)

...been hunting for more than 12 hours
-In a row? I haven’t, resting a few minutes/hours... I have! (forced by my team -.-)

...lost money to a dicer
-I have :( I know I'm never lucky on those games & I still tried...

...died, came back to pick up the backpack, and died again
-I HAVE :( died by a Hunter at lvl 30-40... came back to take my backpack, died again & lost my BOH's...
asked some friends to help me out but someone else had already took my equipment :(! all that was back in 2006 too :(

Bought the wrong item from an NPC in a big amount.
-I have... white mushroom for 100k.!! (then took revenge at someone else cuz I sold one for 150k! HA!)

Do you have any encouraging words for the players?
-Always choose the best side of you, in real life & in the game! There is nothing better than to be kind to people who like the same game as you & want to learn from it. Never underestimate the power of your actions, if you can make a change for better, do it!

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