Wednesday, August 5, 2020

LGBT Tibian Community

A video on LGBT Tibian Community 

with English, Portuguese and Spanish subtitles

It took a while but we could finally get this video done! This video calls for inspiration, motivation and empathy, and to also awknowledge the LGBTQ+ community within the tibian community. 

It is a series of interviews to different players from the LGBTQ+ community, talking about their experiences in game and what do they normally like to do in game; they also shared their life phylosophy towards positiveness and a message for the tibian community.

Special thanks to:

Felipe - Lucy Fheer (MS 448 Nefera)
Luciana - Diabah (ED 440 Quelibra)
Felipe - Felkiller (ED 503 Quelibra)
Victor - Pacssivia (ED 369 Lutabra)
Mariana - Tee Shadii (EK 287 Pacera)
Angel - Darck Neo (RP 446 Solidera)

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