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Contest! Create a real-life item that would represent our fansite the best!


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Hello Tibians!
We would like to introduce you to the new fansite based on achieving your Tibia Goals! Make yourself comfortable and at home and once you are familiar with our theme, have some fun in our new contest!

Create a real-life version of an item that you think would represent the Tibia Goals the best!
Give it a name and description


1. The item has to be 3D
It can be sewn, made out of clay, or any other material but it can not be a drawing.

2. The item has to be a new invention
It can not be an item that already exists in the game.

3. There is no limit on the number of entries but only one entry per user may be in the top 3

4. Take a picture of the item together with a piece of paper with "" written on it, and at least 3 pictures of the creation process

5. Give your item a name and give us a short description of why you think it would represent us the best

6. Send us the pictures (1 picture of the item and at least 3 pictures of the creation process) and required information (your character's name, name of the item and description of the item
via e-mail: and we will post it on this page

7. We will assess your knowledge on the fansite and pick the item that represents us the best

*The item you create will not have any influence on the appearance of the actual fansite item in-game as we succeed at becoming an Official Tibia Fansite.

The contest starts 
on August 11th and 
ends on September the 5th at server save


Character's name: Neutrinha
Item's name: Luminous Unicorn
Description: Luminous Unicorn, this item represents the unicorn "Luna", as a symbol of freedom, magic, purity, and innocence. She chases her dreams, illuminating the paths and the people she meets in her bright cloud.

Character's name: Bijou Kidi
Item name: Bag of achieved Goals
Description: This bag of achieved goals represents TibiaGoals perfectly. It contains all goals accomplished by the Tibia community. It is also confirmed that Luna pops out of it from time to time to show her beauty to the lucky ones.

Character's name: Aiylah
Item name: Dream High Luna
Description: My item shows Luna, who despite everything she has been through, managed to achieve her goals. Luna represents not only freedom, magic, purity, but also gives us hope that we can all achieve our greatest dreams. The stars in the clouds I placed because they are stars of their own light and also represent the achievements, which is a subject well covered in TibiaGoals. The rainbow symbolizes renewal and hope, as, as they always say, "You can't have a rainbow without rain".

[original text]
Meu item mostra Luna, que apesar de tudo o que passou, conseguiu alcançar seus objetivos. Luna representa não só liberdade, magia, pureza, mas também nos dá esperança para que todos possamos alcançar os nossos maiores sonhos. As estrelas nas nuvens coloquei por serem astros de luz própria e também representam as conquistas, que é um assunto bem abordado no TibiaGoals. O arco-íris simboliza renovação e esperança, pois como sempre dizem por aí: "Não se pode ter um arco-íris sem chuva".

Character's name: Dumon Von'terryer
Item name: Adventurous Unicorn
Description: Tibia it's a fantasy where we can be a witch, kill dragons, and see a Unicorn, so who is a better representative to a fantasy? Unicorn. I think he can represent TibiaGoals, because take us to ourself goals in the our fantasy.

Character's name: Sweet Vian
Item's Name: Rainbow backpack.
Description: Never forget to pack your dreams, maybe today they will come true

Character's name: Sir wuachachucho
Item name: Ra’s celestial armor
Description: This item represents the power that we all seek in the game the ultimate armor that has power to control the sun

Character's name: Lula Petit
Item name: Unicorn slippers
Description: Shows the way to reach your dreams and goals

Character's name: Goddess Artemihza

Item name: "Achievement heels" 
Purple Shoe- Xena: generous, bold, imposing, and determined. As a Tibia player, this shoe represents all women who get what she wants without waiting for anyone but with the help of her teams, accompanying our friends in their different processes without abandoning.

Rainbow Shoe- Luna: loving, innocent, unconditional, represents friendship, company, goals, joy, ups and downs, experiences that allow us as players to "be reborn" from difficult circumstances and continue to pursue each of our achievements regardless of the process and taking advantage of each lesson and experience.

Character's name: Jaquii jim

Item name: Sacred Tree Armor
Description: Inspired on the leaf legs and sacred tree amulet, gives special protection to terra attacks.

Character's name: Sweet Vian
Item name: Unicorn Girl 
Description: Represents that every dream, a goal even challenges inside and outside tibia can be reached.

Character's name: Princess Oriz
Item name: Octopus Plushie



Character's name: Jely
Item name: Lunaslippers
Description: This item was created to represent the GOAL of many tibians, getting a cute pair of slippers, throughout the time many of us had dreamed of owning a pair of Bunnyslippers, Yetislippers and even the Vampire Silk Slippers! Now imagine having a beautiful pair of LUNASLIPPERS on your home! That’d be a goal we all want to work for.  These slippers combine the cuteness of Luna the Unicorn and a fluffy cloud.

Character's name: Mazynha
Item name: Raining Goals tapestry
Description: Esse item tem como objetivo registrar as nossas metas alcançadas no Tibia

Character's name: Yojosy
Item name: Luna's Backpack
Description: You see Luna's Backpack. It weighs 10.80 oz. You feel the weigh that you carry becoming lighter. 
History: I created this backpack to show all the essence of Luna, the mascot of TibiaGoals. I wanted to use the colors of the fansite and splashed a little white paint to draw the stars. I like the fansite proposal, especially the part where they care about mental health. I wanted to make a backpack to show that we players don't have to carry everything alone. (Making a joke too, as if referring to the weight of the backpack with the items we carry in the game).

Character's name: Griggi
Item name: Luna's Celebration Cake
Description: Whenever I think of reaching a goal (getting an outfit / mount I wanted, a light one, an object..etc) I think of celebration, of calling friends to take a photo and toast the moment. Thinking about it, the item I decided to create would be the star of those moments, an indispensable item in any celebration in Tibia!
Thus, "Luna's Celebration Cake" was created, a decorative cake (not edible) to celebrate with class and glamor the great personal achievements in the game!

[Sempre que penso em atingir um objetivo (conseguir um outfit/montaria que queria, um leve, um objeto..etc) eu penso em comemoração, em chamar os amigos para tirar uma foto e brindar o momento. Pensando nisso, o item que eu decidi criar seria a estrela desses momentos, um item indispensável em qualquer comemoração no tibia!Assim, surgiu o "Luna's Celebration Cake", um bolo decorativo (não comestível) para celebrar com classe e glamour as grandes conquistas pessoais no jogo!]

Character's name: Queen Miia
Item name: Magic Bag of Goals
Description: This magic bag contains the purest dreams and desires of the player heart, with it, you can find inspiration, motivation and hope, so those dreams become achieved goals.

Character's name: Sweet Vian
Item name: Dream Summoner
Description: Inspired by the particular characteristics of tibia goals administrators.
Can you identify each one and who does it represent?

Character's name: Loreni
Item name: Dream Unicorn Air Balloon
Description: I believe that this hot air balloon perfectly represents Tibia Goals. this hot air balloon allows you to elevate yourself, always rising more and more. It is similar with the goals that each person proposes for themselves, starting from the bottom and always trying to rise to achieve it. The unicorn riding the hot air balloon represents each person levitating themselves to reach their goals. Ofcourse it also represents the beautiful Luna, which is a free spirit and loves to look at the clouds upclose.

Character's name: Lula Petit
Item name: Tapestry of goals
Description: It represents the achievement of dreams, goals that you have achieved through effort and persistence. It inspires you to never stop dreaming because everything starts with it, a dream.

Character's name: Dumon Von'terryer
Item name: Lazy Unicorn
Description: I have no reason for this sleeping Unicorn, I just think about an easy unicorn in the biscuit, it's the first time I made it, and I think it's different and cute, because is sleeping. I wanted a Unicorn in almost real form, but it's hard. I think this Unicorn can represent TibiaGoal because is almost like the icon.

Character's name: Ruximorter
Item name: Goals Shield
Description: este escudo representa ese apoyo tan necesario a la hora de cumplir nuestras metas, ese amparo de nuestros sueños, ese resguardo contra nuestros enemigos, esa resistencia para continuar día a día, a su vez la superficie similar a la de un espejo, refleja nuestros logros alcanzados y por alcanzar, también tenemos a Luna representada de manera imponente simbolizando en su cuerno el apoyo a la comunidad LGBT.

Character's name: Chicken
Item name: Essence of Luna
Description: Luna's essence makes you feel electrified. You feel prepared to achieve new goals. This item contains all the magic of Luna's story. It is said that Luna gives her essence to great adventurers, with a heart as pure as of a unicorn, so they make their paths with bravery, wisdom and freedom.

Character's name: Psykeeh

Item name: Luna's Elixir

Description: Guarded by * Luna the unicorn *, the elixir contains the most pure and powerful ingredients of the realm. Made to boost and increase the power within the warrior, making the conquer of any goal possible. By drinking it clouds will spawn around the elixir.

Character's name: Saabrinah
Item name: Rod of The Heaven Unicorn
Description: This rod was designed to represent the “Tibia Goals” fansite, as it is connected to the Power of Goals and Dreams that every Tibian wishes to obtain within the game. In the same way, the power of the cloud in this “rod” gives you an extra feeling of security, whenever you use it, when you receive some damage it will be reduced and also your attacks will be treated with greater force. When you find yourself in a situation of darkness, the “rod” with its light and its brightness will guide you to illuminate your mind and your path, thus helping you to achieve your dreams.They say that everyone who owns the rod, magically gains the power to dominate their dreams, making them come true. 

Character's name: Makadamia
Item name: Divine Unicorn
Description: I imagine the TibiaGoals fansite item as a unicorn mascot. In order to present it in reality, I chose a simple idea – a figurine of a beautiful unicorn, which would become a symbol of magic, freedom and purity. Luna is made in pastel colors similar to those known from the website’s logo, so thait it matches it’s style and represents it with dignity.

Character's name: Makadamia
Item name: Divine Unicorn 2
Description: I imagine the TibiaGoals fansite item as a unicorn mascot. In order to present it in reality, I chose a simple idea – a figurine of a beautiful unicorn, which would become a symbol of magic, freedom and purity. Luna is made in pastel colors similar to those known from the website’s logo, so thait it matches it’s style and represents it with dignity.

Character's name: Malaitha Zymia
Item name: Diamond Sword
Description: quise simbolizar en este Item las dos facetas que podemos encontrar en Tibia Goals, por un lado la lucha por nuestras metas y la fuerza que requerimos para esa lucha representadas en la espada y por otro lado elementos muy característicos de Tibia Goals como lo son: la feminidad, el brillo, el apoyo a la comunidad LGBT y a Luna, representados en los detalles de la espada 

Character's name: Marvelous Paola
Item name: Lux
Description: She is a powerful unicorn that can bring you back to the last 5 seconds before the last moment that you were alive in Tibia if you "use" her. Then you can fix your mistake and try do not die again She can only be used once every 24h. Use carefully.



Character's name: Thurianx
Item name: Caminando hacia el mañana
Description:  La gente que ve los unicornios comparte ciertos de sus rasgos; son solitarios, pero con corazones virtuosos. Éstos representan la pureza y el poder, además de ser un animal de buena suerte y símbolo de la justicia. Su cuerno simboliza la buena fortuna y la representación de fuerzas mágicas, la felicidad y la prosperidad. Es visto como un animal que no tiene doble sexualidad, sino que la trasciende. El unicornio es como un arcoiris, ya que representa con su cuerpo, sus destrezas y su cuerno, lo que significa cada uno de los colores del mismo, puesto que cada uno de estos representa una especialidad; hechos con un propósito único y diferente. Es símbolo de esperanza para el mañana, ya que cada vez que la lluvia baña la tierra, un arcoiris nace en el cielo ayudándonos a recordar que la vida puede ser muy cruel algunas veces, pero que luego de cada tormenta, algo bonito aparece. 
He colocado mi arcoiris en las nubes, el cual servirá como una esperanza a que las cosas pueden mejorar para nosotros con el pasar del tiempo, y recordando siempre que la vida es como una montaña rusa. Así que abre tu mente y tu corazón, y aunque experimentes dificultades, problemas y tormentas, podrás saber que eso no será eterno, que ya pasará y aprenderás, y luego valorarás cada minuto de tus buenos momentos. Padecer, enfrentar, vencer y valorar es lo que te hace, sin dudas, orgulloso de alcanzar tus metas. Nos enorgullece y por eso, con alegría, decidimos compartirlo con TibiaGoals, específicamente acerca de nuestro querido juego llamado Tibia, sentirnos orgullosos de compartir grandes objetivos alcanzados luego de tantas batallas para obtenerlo. Inspirar y motivar a las demás personas a que no se rindan, a que sí tienes una meta, ve por ella.🌸

Character's name: Kriizs
Item name: Goals Pot
Description:  This items is guarded by Luna. The rainbow represents Diversity, Inclusion & Union. We're individuals with different preferences and it's fine, some things will separate us but on the other side some of it will unite us. The clouds on the rainbow show us the human values that lead us to achieve our Goals. A pot full of stars contains every people goals & dreams inside the game, as i said in the rainbow part, we're different and we all have our own dreams. As guard of the Goals Pot there's Luna, the majestic purple unicorn who believe in every dream she takes care of as she do with her owns. The Goals Pot shows how diversity with human values, effort, union, inclusion and a touch of stubbornness will guide us on the right path to achieve our goals. A Good Heart and Patience will make your Dreams come TRUE.

Character's name: Kriizs
Item name: Utopia
Description: The tower with stalactites represent the obstacles over the climb making us strong to keep pushing to reach the top. Achieve our goals make us feel at the top of the world, feeling happiness and proud of our effort and progress. I used the rainbow  from my past entry to keep promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Union in and out of the game. Make your Dreams turn into Achieved Goals

Character's name: Pebblesz
Item name: Dreamers Hope Shield
Description: The website GOALS, dream protector. A shield is a defensive item wich alows you to preotect ourselves on our daily battles. Each star represents every dream and every desire to fulfill. The moon, our faithful adventure partner, light us up and show us the way for we not to get lost, so we can accomplish our goals. The rainbow represents the hope for to achieve our dreams. You could say that everyone dreams about finding armony and peace witch is represented by the unicorn on the shield, but the panther represents interior strenght that wich moves us and drives us to reach our goals and fight with our claws for our dreams.
The shield works this way:
If the shield is on unicorn side means we are on our natural habitat, happy, giving love to everyone who sorround us, but if somone or something with bad intentions approaches the shield will actvive and where the unicorn is will appear a panther, ready to attack and defend from any thing or any one, surrounded with resplandent brightness wich blind anyone who tries to hurt us. ((The image that contains the two photos is the main one, I send photos of the cloud on and off and the two faces that the shield has (panther and the unicorn) in the previous email I sent a small video fragment where the change effect is made  from the unicorn to the panther and when he turns the cloud on and off.)))

Character's name: Magnificent Amanda
Item name: Luna Tapestry 
Description: "Luna Tapestry is made by citizen from Thais to resemble Luna's first moments as a unicorn. Story that everyone in the lands knows."
I think story of the Juna horse's journey to Luna the unicorn, stands for everything that Tibia Goals is about; working for your dreams, reaching goals and having a nice collaborative community. This wonderful Tibia Goals community is watched over by the admins Divine'Angel, Lady Mass and Michi the Queen. They are pictured in the tapestry as the shiniest stars of the sky, watching over the others.

Character's name: Queen Miia
Item name: Dreamer Unicorn
Description: The moon appears every night, illuminating with a radiant light, always dreaming of being able to shine with its own light. All the phases of this symbolize dependence, renewal, strength and spiritual power, which is all that is needed to achieve those dreams and goals that we keep in our heart, seeing it so far and unattainable, it reminds us of what we have always wanted and were not able to achieve, so LUNA seeing the light of the moon illuminate her path every night, had the courage and hoped to reach it, take it and never let it go. Now she has decided to shine with her own light by becoming that beautiful, free and independent unicorn, with a pure and innocent heart.

Character's name: Castrp
Item name: Stuffed Luna
Description: The item by it self represents Luna, but the important thing is the process, when doing crochet if you make a mistake you have to undo everything and start over, its made out of perseverance just as this website.
my idea for this item is to be an item you can carry with you, just to remember you must be as perseverant and kind as Luna. 
This item may be beyond the game, it will remind you to act selflessly and aim to be better.
Description: You see stuffed Luna. It weighs 1.50 oz. Carrying it gives you inner peace.
Provides 6 squares of changing color light with the same range as the Utevo Lux spell. 
Can be used for decoration or as a light source, if equipped.
cycle through colors (blue, red, green and yellow) changes every 8 seconds.

Character's name: Ayl Princesa
Item name: Libro Mágico
Description: My items stand out in a magic book, I feel that it represents the page, because it is full of surprises and mystery, as the dragon on the left page represents it without neglecting the magic touch that the unicorn gives us, I actually had help of my little daughter who with her tenderness gave me great ideas, I am new to the page, and I love what they do.
[Mi ítems se destaca en un libro mágico, siento que representa a la pagina, porque esta lleno de sorpresas y misterio , como lo representa el dragón de la página izquierda sin dejar de lado el toque mágico que nos da el unicornio , en realidad tuve ayuda de mi pequeña hija quien con su ternura me dio grandes ideas, soy nueva en la pagina, y me encanta lo que hacen.

Character's name: Slayer Guard
Item name: Magic Unicorn Doll
Description: I was inspired by the creation of a very special unicorn doll, she represents the goals that every tibian propose. The doll is characterized by wearing the Ferumbras’ hat that many of us yearn to have, she also carries a book that has the initials of TibiaGoals, this book contains the objectives that many of us follow, such as leveling up, making achievements, hunting bosses, racking up rare items, doing quests, get addons and other goals.
Additionally I have also placed certain elements on this doll, inspired by the administrators of the fan site; the little unicorn wears a Ferumbras’ hat like the beautiful Lady Mass got recently; I have also placed a Stone skin amulet, as a reflection of the Tibia wars, inspired by Michizita; finally I have decided to place wings on the doll, like the beautiful Divine Angel.
As for the background, I have placed the objectives that the little unicorn had achieved in her book, I represented these objectives through certain items, such addons, the Elemental Spike, and others.

Character's name: Amy Meow
Item name: Luna Doll
Description: You see a Luna Doll.
It weighs 25.00 oz.
she has a moon in her hoofs as a symbol of her female empowerment and her transformation during the moonlight.
Effect when using: clouds appear around her and spawn hearts (pictures of the final results)
"Do you know the story about Juna?"
"I reached my goals... ...And so can you."
"Independent, beautiful, magic..."
Why this item represent the best?
This item is based on "The origen of Luna" that you can seen in your site and I think it represent the best for your fansite, she is your mascot and she shows everyone that if she can reached her goals then so can you.
She certainly inspires us to reach our goals and I think that's what this site is about.
I found funny add the heart effets when you use as a reference to her good heart and the effect of the cursor of the site.
also the clouds because you can see them on all the site and they match perfectly with unicorns like Luna.

Character's name: Carolina Rwar
Item name: Dream 
Description: I believe that tibia goals is a place where we all share those moments or those dreams that we have made come true and many times our dreams start when we sleep, so today I am very happy to have this new lamp by my side to start dreaming
[porque es un item que las representa? creo que tibia goals es un lugar donde todos compartimos esos momentos o esos sueños que hemos hecho realidad
y muchas veces nuestros sueños empiezan al dormir,asi que hoy estoy muy feliz de tener esta nueva lampara ami lado para empezar a soñar.]

Character's name: Carolina Rwar
Item name: Dolls Midivmass 
Description: Esta entrada es una pequeña representacion de tibiagoals ❤️ 
se que son mas bonitas en rl y tibia pero son con cositas basicas que tenia en 
mi casa hechas con mucho amor para ustedes de nombre sera Dolls Midivmass espero que les guste.

Character's name: Alesita Sio
Item name: Tibia Goals Trophy
Description: You see Tibia Goals Trophy. For having reached your personal achievement.
Todas las metas desde un principio nos resultan imposibles.
Muchos iniciamos este maravilloso juego con expectativas diferentes, muchos dejamos de lado sueños iniciales porque en el camino encontramos cosas más significativas. Lograr hacer una quest, lograr el nivel deseado, pasar inclusive el nivel “maldito”, ser el mejor en pvp, ser el número uno en skills, achievements o charms.
Tibia no solo está construido en los logros por descubrir dentro del juego sino también de todos los deseos y sueños de su comunidad lo que para algunos es algo completamente insignificante para otros es algo que les ha costado mucho esfuerzo.
Este trofeo está dedicado a todas esas horas, días, semanas, meses o años que a muchos en Tibia les ha costado alcanzar su logro personal, te recordará que cualquier sueño por más grande y difícil que pienses que sea, con el esfuerzo y perseverancia necesaria será alcanzado.
Este trofeo no solo es para recordarte que lograste lo que creías imposible para ti sino para recordarte que si puedes con esto podrás con cualquier cosa que te propongas.
Todos iniciamos como un pequeño pony con sueños de libertad y de grandes hazañas pero es nuestra valentía y nuestro deseo de triunfar lo que nos convierte en unicornios.
Para todos esos sueños cumplidos y los sueños por cumplir, para la comunidad Tibiana.

Por Alesita Sio.
Mención especial para
Néstor Novelo por ser siempre tan honesto conmigo.
Assuna Hith las cosas que hago por tí.
Zekia Warman gracias por tu apoyo.

Character's name: Biel Nightmare
Item name: Winner's Melody
Description: When I was researching the fansite to think about what item I would create, I realized that the Tibia Goals is based on a great interaction between the community members and the fansite. For this reason, I decided to create an item that would keep this interaction between the item and the player.
My item is a kind of music box that works in a few steps:
First, the player, with it still closed, writes his goal in the box
Second, he must battle until he reaches his goal
Then, he opens the box, which emits a blue glow with the shadow of the luna inside, and when he touches the box the message he wrote will appear while playing a song.
My item name is "Winner's Melody" and in the description it says "Can be played by brave winners"
After you reaches the goal, every time you use it the menssage appear.
I used cardboard spoon easter egg cartons, a light, a game of thrones music box powered by crank, line and paper
The item is made of the union of 3 boxes, one contains the light and is at the bottom, another contains Luna and the scenery is at the front, and the other is below where the light connector and the game of thrones box are.
There is a hole between the front box and the one below, where the phrase of your goal is hidden, looking like it "disappeared".
There is a line connecting the written goal and the crank of the speaker, making the phrase go up automatically when you touch it.

Character's name: Rafaa Iceborn

Item name: Moon Trophy
Description:  This items is given to those players who really keep looking for their goals no matters how hard thing can be,as Luna did. When things gets dark for you this item will shine for you to help you reach your dreams. It is a reminder to be good and grateful with everyone.

Character's name: Pophy
Item name: Feathery Bow
Description: I decided to create a bow made of feathers to represent freedom and the fight to achieve our goals, everyone is free to dream big! The colourful arrows made of a unicorn horn represents the direction of each one of our decisions.

Character's name: Antiquarium
Item name: Lunar Harp
Description: The fierce music and glowing lights are known to peak the interest of unicorns at night. Only the brave and dedicated have a chance of convincing these pure creatures to become their life companions. The music made by this mystical harp can bring these fierce creatures to become their most peaceful self, just like it helps their future masters to get through struggles. 

Character's name: Griggi
Item name: Vanys Doll.
Description: Decidi criar outra submissão porque não consegui encaixar na anterior uma parte importante do fansite pra mim, que é a história da Luna.
Como para a realização do grande sonho dela, ela contou com a ajuda de um Elfo, eu decidi representá-los de maneira apropriada em uma submissão, pois acredito que o Fansite conosco, funciona de forma similar à do elfo com a luna: incentivar e apoiar as realizações importantes.
Na história original o Elfo é um homem, mas acredito que é importante ressaltar a existência de um fansite comandado por mulher e que, portanto, esse fato importante e inspirador também deve ser representado no item. Assim, optei por criar uma boneco de uma Elfa junto com a Luna.
You see a Vanys Doll.
It weighs 25.00 oz.
Elves and Luna believes in you! Awarded by

Character's name: Pophy
Item name: Cloudy sword
Description:  The cloudy sword represents faith and strength, to fight against society's mindset about the LGBT community. 
The clouds represents that we have to go outside of our comfort zone to fight the judgments, impoliteness and insults. Everyone should live the way they decide to.
And the most important: the unicorn horn, representing the LGBT community.
Love is love.

Character's name: Dumon Von'terryer
Item name: Midimass Fairy Doll
Description: I thought of something that could represent the fansite creators, not just something that represents the logo. So I created the fairy, which went through 3 types of evolution, as you can see the colors of the crowns (Bronze, silver and finally gold). Just like you guys who evolved in the game, you guys represent other people who have evolved and will evolve. So, Midimass is the representation of a fairy queen from her kingdom, located in the sky. Something very divine xD. 

Character's name: Biel Nightmare
Item name: Rainbow Backpack
Description: I created a backpack with the colors that refer to the fansite and with a rainbow, I think a backpack is a great item for fansite because it can accompany the player everywhere he goes, serving as an inspiration to achieve his goals.

Character's name: Biel Nightmare
Item name: Essence of Luna
Description: I made an item called "Essence of Luna" that contains in a potion the inspiration, courage and bravery that a player needs to achieve his goals. They say that whoever owns it receives strength and inspiration to go beyond.

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