Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Tibia Goals #1: Missy Mystique - What does it take to get to be the top of Magic Level?

First of all, my magic level is high but I don't think I have achieved my goal yet. If it comes to skills, there isn't a right moment to stop and say "ok, that is it". You always want to go for more.

When I got magic level 80, I decided that I want to keep going. Unfortunately, when I started my adevnture with training there were not exercise wands yet. Therefore, I had been drinking my manas until the wands were introduced. I switched from mana potions to the exercise eqiupment.

I mostly train during double exp/skill events but I remember that in the past I would also train during regular days. However, currently I need 9 wands off double for 1% of magic level so it is too expensive.

The complications happened when I really needed to put some money into achieving my goal. I had to admit I have put some real-life money into getting the job done. I suppose I spent around 500 euro on my magic level. The rest of it I could afford for my in-game savings. I would make other characters to make money on because it is too expensive to die on my main character. If i died on it, I would lose around 5% of my magic level so that counts as 45kk in cash.

I was very excited to get the legend of magic. But I have to say that I haven't achieved what I want yet. I want to be top 1 mlvl on Antica. The first world where I started playing with my real-life father in 1999.

My goal is to keep training and also get some achievements. I would also like to level up my main character a bit in the process of training her magic level!

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