Monday, July 27, 2020

Result of Fugue Exploit Investigation

CipSoft has finished the Fugue Exploit Investigation and shares their results with us.

"Fugue, a new boss recently added in the summer update, was massively farmed over the weekend. There were no alarming events during the week, as the excessive farming started only on Friday. The people involved in the exploitative behaviour made use of a mechanic which respawned the boss under certain conditions. The mechanic itself had been implemented for another purpose entirely: to give players the chance to progress in their quest. It was never intended to facilitate rapidly spawning the boss and killing him over and over again to make extraordinary profits.

Given the information we had received on the test server board and after looking into the issue, we assumed that the boss could be summoned only a few times during the night, which would have been acceptable. After we noticed that some players had started to farm Fugue to loot valuable lion items, we implemented a first hotfix on Friday to prevent an unintended influx of those. However, we had underestimated the potential for excessive abuse in this matter and players found a way to dramatically increase their efficiency of making the boss respawn. They profited heavily without risk or waste. A second hotfix to address this new situation was released on Sunday."

CipSoft claims that the goal of this investigation was not to track down every last single person who partook in this, but to find those which were involved to a great degree. Their data clearly showed how many times certain characters (and accounts) killed the boss over the weekend. Numerous players racked up hundreds and some even well over a thousand kills.

To punish the players who abused the bugo over 1,500 have received a two day banishment, effective immediately. Moreover, these accounts will be excluded from the next double loot weekend, taking place from August 7 to August 10, as they will not be able to log in during this time.

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