Tuesday, July 28, 2020

28.07.2020: Bugfixes, Content Changes, Balancing Changes

With today's server save CipSoft implemented  the following changes and bugfixes:

The correct cooldown times are now shown again when switching characters on one account.
The creatures rotten golem, courage leech and turbulant elemental no longer count towards the 6666 demon task. However, the infernal demon does now count towards it.
Werelions now only drop moonlight crystals during a full moon.
Werehyaenas have been removed from a low level area.
Ragu now provides another lit torch when the "lost torch" is mentioned.
Bounac has received a mailbox.
The items dead frog, enchanted theurgic amulet, luminescent crystal axe, pair of old bracers and phantasmal hair have been moved to their appropriate Market category.
The ancient lion knight now has cooperative loot. Only the character with the highest participation will receive loot, though.
Some map issues, typos and graphical glitches have been fixed.

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