You have the mindset of a real PVP war player! You have the right intentions to join a war that will not discourage you easily or bore you. You wouldn't let anyone step over you, but also you have a great morality to know when to respect those who respect you.  You can't be more ready, what are you waiting for? :3

PVP PROJECT -  MOST ANSWERS  B or B combined with C (2x2)

You have the right intentions and ideas for a career in PVP, you know the theory, although you are still  indiferent towards situations that require an attitude. Remember that in war, weakness is not so well rewarded but also being mean and disrespectful will get you enemies even among your allies. The best is to play the game, learn to separate things respectfully and show the right ammount of attitude to evoid anyone stepping over you. Know your worth and continue fifhgting!

PVP ROOKIE - MOST ANSEWERS A) / A combined with B (2x2)

You have a lot to learn of the world of PVP. You a real respectful and peaceful person and you enjoy tibia as the RPG game it is. You ain't really looking for troubles but if you join a war, you'd be looking for the unknown experiences and looking forward to learn from them! Remember that PVP may be a little bit hostile and competitive, so don't let yourself fall into the negative aspects of it. Rather try to enjoy the competition to get better yourself and learn each day of what this competition has to offer, in game and in real life!

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