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 I'm Mirius, a 24 year old Venezuelan living in the Netherlands. My main social networks are Twitch, Youtube and Discord. I focus my content on quality information and interactive fun ways to communicate with each other. Open-Pvp and general RPG knowledge are my strength when it comes to Tibia but I also love to understand this game from a psychological standpoint. I have a lot of upcoming projects for the tibian community.

I mainly stream Tibia but from time to time you can find me roaming around Lord of the Rings Online and Genshin Impact, among other games like Stardew Valley or Krunker.io. The way my stream is set up, you can interact in a way where you can decide where the direction of the stream goes, making it harder for me to play, decide whether I should level or pk, or even if I should stay sober or start drinking like if it was OrcSoberFest!

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Instagram: Miriusanyr

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