Her name Kasia and she is a Polish girl who records in English. She is a Tibia YouTuber whose content is mostly based on RPG, hunts, and most importantly House Decoration.

Divine'Angel started her adventure with content creation in 2015 while working on her Tibian blog and Tibia social media. She has become a TibiaMagazine editor in 2016 and not long after that, she started recording her hunts and adventures with her friends to end up as one of the most known Tibia players and content creators. 

Currently, she is one of the admins of the TibiaGoals and a very active Tibian instagrammer. On her Instagram, you may find a lot of screenshots with house decorations, motivating posts, as well as some real-life content.

In real life, she owns her own business which is a private English school where she's a private tutor. Apart from that, she is a passionate music producer, song writer, and singer.

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