A pirate's tail - Tasks Eustacio

Hey guys! If you came all the way here it means that you are on your way to completing the Pirate's Tail tasks, congratz! 

In this section we will display a guide to complete the tasks with the broadest knowledge that our partner Mirius Anyr has put available for us and the community, enjoy!

The equipment you'll need to complete these tasks are:

  • A Pick
  • A Greenish Flinstone
  • A Magical water orb (this one was provided by the NPC Eustacio when asking for the tasks previously)

Head to Eustacio to ask him for the locations where the raids are taking place, in case there is an active raid happening in either of the 5 possible places (Port Hope, Liberty Bay, Krailos, Thais, Darashia). Hi - Location - Yes.

You will have to complete 3 different types of tasks:

    1. The pirate ship invasion - Location: Liberty Bay
Items required: The Pick and the greenish flinstone.

In this invasion, you'll be required to attack the pirate ship located on the coast of Liberty Bay by using the catapults located on the shore. Use the Pick on the stone, this will give you ammunitions to put on the catapult. Note that in order to shoot the catapult loaded, this must be on fire so use the greenish flinstone on it before firing it. 

You'll be able to do up to 50 shots before the raid is over. Each catapult shot will reward you 6 points out of the 1500 you need to complete the tasks. 

Once this raid is over you can head back to Eustacio to ask for the next location. 

    2. The invasion of the pirates espies on the coast - Location: Darashia.

Head to the beach north from the boat of darashia and there you'll be required to walk on water! Use the magical water orb on the water, this will create platforms on the water for you to seek for this spyrats that you'll need to kills. 

The raid will be over once 50 spyrats are killed

    3. The invasion of pirates (raid)- Location: Porthope

This last task is located on the north-west coast of port hope, this one will be a proper raid and you just need to go to the place and kill the pirates that are invading the coast. Note that in order to collect the task points, you'll need to be the one dealing the most damage to the pirates; each pirate will give you 3 points and the raid will be over once 100 pirates are killed.

And there you go! This is all you need to know to complete these tasks, remember you need 1500 task points to continue with the missions of the quest so from this point, you can go back to the Pirate's Tail Guide Spoiler!

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