Sunday, June 20, 2021


The witches of the green claw swamp need your help once more as they are about to brew their special mixture once more. 

The world event Bewitched will start tomorrow, June 21, after server save. Supply the witches with the needed ingredients for their magical draught, and protect their cauldron from the bane-bringers. Who knows, you might even get the chance to fight their leader, the bane lord.

So gather enough ingredients, earn favour points, and keep the cauldron boiling until June 25, server save, in order to succeed. A special book which you can find in the green claw swamp will provide you with further information on the event and your task.

In case of success, your entire game world will be rewarded with an experience bonus of 50%. In addition, by contributing to the event you can earn favour points which you can trade for potions and a pet raven with Minzy.

Sign-Up for HONOUR Has Started

Tibians, CipSoft invites you to participate in the first of the three final Tournaments in Tibia! Use this chance to get your hands on Tournament Coins while you still can: HONOUR will reward you with twice as many Tournament Coins as previous Tournaments.

A ticket for your Tournament character is necessary to participate

In HONOUR, your XP and skills will progress 100x faster than on normal game worlds. Also, skill gain, Bestiary and area discovery will yield points. Beware tough, killing certain creatures will substract points, e.g. cobra assassin, werehyaena and spectres, so make sure to check which ones you better spare this time.
In addition, shared experience will be deactivated.

Keep in mind, that your playtime is always ticking down whenever you are online on your Tournament world. Once your daily playtime is depleted, you will be logged out of the Tournament and you can only log in again after the next server save. Once your total playtime is depleted, you will no longer be able to log in on the Tournament world. Please also note that if you log into a Tournament world and log out again before 120 seconds have passed, a total of 120 seconds will still be subtracted from your playtime.

All Tournament characters start with level 20, basic skills, and 20,000 gold on their bank account.

The golden blessed shield will be awarded to the winners.

The cups will go to the top 3 of each Tournament world.

Check out the Tournament page to find details about rules, score set and rewards for HONOUR. The Tournament itself will run from June 24, 10:00 CEST, to June 28, 10:00 CEST.

Upon sign-up, you can select your Tournament world, your vocation and city to start in. More information can also be found in the Tournament FAQ entries.

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Lucky Devil


„That's almost too much luck for one person. If something's really, really rare - it probably falls into your lap sooner or later. Congratulations!”



Matter of luck, patience, persistence. Achievement that is splitted in two parts. Hated by many, but loved once they get it. Today we will talk about Lucky Devil achievement that grands us 4 points. We invited some Lucky Devils to share their thoughts and to talk about their road to success. Maybe you are struggling with this achievement now and need some motivation? Believe us, you will find it here. Let’s start.


As mentioned above, Lucky Devil is divided into two parts. The one that is considered easier part is to unrust golden armor from Slighty Rusted Armor. According to Tibia Fandom, chances to get one are 944 unrusts. You can loot that rusted armor from different monsters, but you can also buy it on the market. Pretty easy, or? So let’s move on to the second part.


Fishing from water elemental corpses. If it is only the beggining on your Lucky Devil-journey, you probably feel motivated and count on „Congratulations! You earned the achievement Lucky Devil” after each elemental that you use your fishing rod on. Of course, chances that you will get it after few tries are still there, in fact it’s a matter of luck.




Elyrea, achievement hunter from Antica, has looted Leviathan’s amulet after 43 water elementals (169 total in bestiary). When he got the other part (unrusted golden armor), he had just 208 water elementals killed. We also asked another achievement hunter from Antica, Nasty Kasper, about his experience with the amulet.


Nasty Kasper: My Lucky Devil Experience? It was years ago (ed. 2014), I was just starting to play after the break, I was around 200 lvl more or less. As always, you could find a lot of more or less useful things in my backpack. Of course there was a fishing rod, no worms, but it was there. Buried deep somewhere. Those were different times, there were not as many exp spots as now, especially with water elementals, there were no imbuings or other similar facilities in the game. Then I went to Talah - hydra island. It was probably the times when water elementals were still falling into holes. It was very popular to lure waters or other smaller monsters running there and kill only hydras there. However, I decided to try out everything that ran there. From the scraps of memories of that moment, I did not catch them for the achievement, only for loot (at that time, you could get any loot from water elementals only with a fishing rod). After the hunt was over, I went to the depot, unpacked the loot and packed myself for the next day. Only on the second day, I accidentally opened the backpack in which I had a fishing rod. I remember this surprise when I saw the amulet and started to wonder what it was and where from. One of the guild mates said then that it was needed for the achievement. I started looking for information, and it was true. This item was so rare that at that time this achievement was not 100% confirmed yet. Then I felt very satisfied and motivated. Since I have one of the very difficult and rare achievements why not start doing others? And I started ...



We wish all of you this kind of luck. However, it is not always like this. Some people need more kills, more time. We asked Lee Kun, achievement hunter from Pacera who is also administrator of Tibia Fandom and TibiaLD about his own experience and his way to Lucky Devil. He killed almost 39 thousand water elementals and over 4k massives!

Lee Kun: I usually don't "rush" through achievements, I rather take it slow and save money and patience. I started with the rusty armors, mostly buying them, and eventually got the golden armor a couple years ago. Since then I've been working-ish on the amulet, but like I said, very slowly. For the longest time I rarely put any effort on it simply because there were easier/faster achievements to get. Eventually I got to the point where Lucky Devil was one of the few achievements I had left.
Then, I occasionally hunted them, switching between Water Elementals and other weak creatures for bestiary. Later, for a few months I also started to hunt daily in a party and during this time I wanted to save Stamina, so once again I was rarely hunting Water Elementals. Over the past few months different things happened and I got to a point where I couldn't stall anymore. I got Deep Sea Diver and Firewalker, stopped hunting for exp and even had PC problems that prevent me from doing anything dangerous in game.
I almost always hunted the Water Elementals on the northern PH cave. The southern one is smaller and you must also kill lots of Quaras and Massives. Massives are of course also a chance to fish the amulet, but I wanted to get fishing statistics and couldn't mix data from both creatures. I hunted Massives in Calassa a few times as well but I gave up after about 4k. We don't know if the chances are the same or not but either way Calassa is much more annoying because of the speed, the stronger Quaras and the lower proportion of Massive Water Elementals. So I just hunted PH over and over again until I finally got it.


You probably wonder if there is any guaranteed success to fish the amulet. As we mentioned in the beginning – patience and persistence. But what if you are struggling with it too long and maybe need a break? Or maybe you are tired with killing just water elementals? There are hunting spots where you can finish your bestiary entries for different monsters and still have a slight chance to loot the amulet. Maybe try southern spawn in Port Hope, where you can also kill Quara Scouts: Hydromancer, Mantassin and Pincher. If you will use helmet of the deep or depth galea, you can also hunt Massive Water Elementals. There is probably chance to loot the amulet from them, but the main advantage is that you can make some steps underwater for Deep Sea Diver achievement. If you are checking what mini world change your server actually has, maybe you will be able to get Down the Drain achievement for killing 50 water elementals in Outlaw Camp Water Elemental Dungeon. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to loot the amulet there? We have some tips for you from other players.

Lee Kun: As the name says this achievement is all about luck. My first tip would be to not spend too much time on it if you have easier/faster achievements to get. During this time you can kill water elementals if you get them in hunting tasks rolls (for Monsterhunter progress) or if they're boosted so you take advantage of the faster spawn rate. I do think it's worth to start buying the rusty armors though because they aren't very expensive but you'll still depend on other players to sell them to you (so you can't get several at once like you can hunt 8h of water elementals in a day if you want to).

Pyzaa: When I got bored of killing water elementals I asked my friend if he will make bestiary for those monsters. I was just walking behind him and I was fishing from dead bodies. I got the amulet after 200 tries during that hunt.

Nasty Kasper: Try to make bestiary on hydras or giant spiders if you don’t have it yet. On Talahu and Malada you can find some water elementals too. Not many, but if you have luck, maybe you will get the amulet.



Maybe you already have the achievement and have your own tips for the community? We would love to hear your story! And if you don’t have it yet, we wish that you got some motivation here and your journey to Lucky Devil will be a pleasure, not a struggle. 

Lee Kun: The nice thing about achievements is that the harder it is, more satisfying it will be to get it. I suppose that players who were really lucky and barely put any extra effort into it consider this achievement just another one. For me it's was one of the hardest achievements to get, so also one that made me very very happy. And now, every time I stop to think about my next achievements I'm a bit happier when I remember I'm done with that one, hahaha.

Btw: I keep the original Armor I unrusted and the Amulet I fished as tokens, they are worth a lot more than any other identical items.

- Bijou Kidi

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Sunset of Tournaments

CipSoft introduced Tournaments back in 2019, a bold concept trying to tap into the competitive spirit of ambitious Tibians who want to show their mettle. Our efforts to bring their full potential to fruition included several changes based on feedback, observations and lessons learned over time. Alas, they did not unfold the way they had hoped and could not gain enough traction. While Tournaments attracted some players and found some fans, they did not manage to catch the interest of a larger part of the community.

After a long, thorough analysis of the data they gathered and the experiences they made, CipSoft has to conclude that our Tournament concept does not match well enough with Tibia and Tibians. Of course, there are still ideas, proposals and paths they have not yet explored with Tournaments. However, considering all aspects and our options, they have come to believe that further feasible adjustments would only scratch the surface. They could not fundamentally change the appeal of Tournaments towards consistently attracting a wider audience to significantly increase participation in the long run.

Therefore, with a heavy heart, they have decided to let go and bury the Tournament idea and hereby announce their sunset throughout the course of the year.

They want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all players who dedicated so much to compete in Tournaments, to strife for success and to help us with suggestions and honest feedback. Thank you for your support, your contributions to Tournaments and your enthusiasm! CipSoft also wants to explain how the sunset will take place and what will happen with Tournament rewards afterwards:

  • The sunset will entail three further Tournaments: The first one, HONOUR, is about to start very soon. The dates for the last two Tournaments have not been determined yet but they plan to conduct the second one around end of August or in September, and the final one around the turn of the year 2021/22. All three of them will yield twice as many Tournament Coins as previous Tournaments.
  • Tournament Coins will be removed from the game at an unspecified point of time in the future. Any Tournament Coins that have not been used by then will disappear. At the earliest, this will happen in mid-2022, six months or more after the final Tournament. Rest assured that they will announce this date in advance as soon as it has been determined.
  • With the exception of the dragon slayer outfit, rewards that are available for Tournament Coins in the Store will become purchasable for Tibia Coins after Tournament Coins have ceased to exist. This will not happen before the middle of 2022.
    • Outfits and mounts bought for Tibia Coins will only be usable by the purchasing character, they will not be unlocked account-wide for all characters like their Tournament versions.
  • The remarkable dragon slayer outfit not only costs a large sum of Tournament Coins but also requires a player to achieve a top 3 rank in a Tournament. They aim to preserve its extraordinary status as best as possible but they also do not want to make the outfit completely unobtainable with the end of Tournaments. Therefore, at some point in the future, by the end of 2022 or even later, they will implement a demanding way to earn it ingame: The specifics have not been determined yet, but they can already say that it will only be obtainable through investing an enormous amount of time, dedication and effort, possibly in the context of special events or boss fights.
    • The ingame version of the dragon slayer outfit will only be wearable by the character which unlocked it. The Tournament version will remain special in that regard so only players who obtained the outfit through Tournaments can use it account-wide for all of their characters.

Tournaments taught us a lot and they gained valuable insight from this adventurous and thrilling, albeit short journey. They would have liked to see Tournaments flourish, but nonetheless, the continuous development of Tibia will benefit from this experience and they will keep on working hard to bring you exciting and enjoyable content and features.

If you want to dive into the Tournament experience and earn yourself some Tournament Coins while you still can, here is your next chance: The sign-up for the Tibia Tournament HONOUR will start on Thursday, June 17! The Tournament itself will run four days, from June 24, 10:00 CEST, to June 28, 10:00 CEST. Once the sign-up phase has begun, you can find all details about the rules and score set as well as the rewards on the Tournament website section and the Tournament window ingame.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

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