Wednesday, August 10, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E21R06


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Sunday, August 7, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E21R05


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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E21R04


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Monday, August 1, 2022

Player of the month #24: Cinderella Knight

Our Player of the month for August is Cinderella Knight, an active player in the Tibia community, he makes fantastic stories on IG, color lover, full charlover, unicorn fan and daily motivator, he has a great personality, friendly and a wonderful human being who shines for his heart. 

Hello, Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from.. Etc. -Hi! My RL name is Sergio, my main character is 'Cinderella Sea' and I'm a transmedia producer from Chile, Santiago Who showed you Tibia for the first time and how old were you back then?

-My brother came back from school with tibia 7.6 I think and I was 12 yo, I played for a year and cameback in 2020 What's the story behind your character's name?

-It's secret really :3 ... I took it from a draft I wrote for a university story tale contest when I was a teenager. I'm addicted to read and never liked that there are so many stories where the main character just wants to get married to be happy, so I created a princess who made a very different wish. I won and the prize paid for 70% of my studies. The sea has always mesmerized me coz I'm a swimmer fish and it has the flavor of thousands of adventures, both things together are 'Cinderella Sea'. We would like you more as a player, Do you like to play other games besides Tibia?

-I played Pokémon Trading Card Game Online in competitive formats for many years. I held 4th place in Latam for a long time but I got tired of competitive-based community and left.

I'm charlover there too so I have a very rare golden collection. Are you a PC gamer, Xbox gamer, or PlayStation gamer?

-Mac gamer exclusively, tbh

Going back in time, is there any quest or achievement you remember for being your favorite or least favorite? -I loved measuring Tibia quest because I learned that I was charlover on the way... I also like any achievement where I can grind many days or put items on the floor to record things like 'Cold as Ice', 'Lucky Devil', and the mounts. Is there any player you admire?

-We can do almost everything with money here so I admire players who set their own goals and make the game unique like Chelzea, 0h'Divine, Garoto Do Sorriso, and Dyaniixz... So they give us four different games where I see that they are unbeatable because their mindsets, skills, and passion allows them to innovate, bring people together, and have fun without asking anyone's permission

X o Y

Quest or Bestiary?

  • Quest

Achievements or Hunt?

  • Achievements

Twitch or Instagram?

  • Instagram

Axe or Sword Weapon?

Sword Weapon

Never use blessed steak again or Never use strawberry cupcake again?

  • Never use blessed steak again

Never do bestiary again or never do quests again?

  • Never do bestiary again

Blessed Wooden Stake or Obsidian Knife?

  • Blessed Wooden Stake

Rapid event or Doble Experience/skill event?

  • Doble Experience/skill event

Hunting while listening music or Hunting talking with friends (TeamSpeak/Discord)

  • Hunting while listening music

We see you are always active on Instagram, and the community loves your InstaStories, If you could choose a new tool for your stories including Tibia, which one would it be?

-Please! an undo/redo button and maybe a Tibian detoxifier If you could pick an achievement to describe yourself, which one would it be and why?

-I would choose 'Make a wish' achievement because it totally matches with Cinderella character and I made it kinda my rol already How would you describe a charlover? Do you consider yourself one?

-I consider myself 100% charlover.

A charlover for me is someone who make a bond with their character and start enjoying all the possibilities of the game besides killing... but each charlover is a world for discover though If you could live in any city of Tibia in RL, which one would it be? And which NPC would you be?

-I would live my youth in Carlin to party with the valkyries, later in Bounac to see endless fight from my window with my coffee, every twilight and sunset. Finally I'd live in Gray Beach in my underwater mansion with my mermaid wife and thousands legends in my sword. NPC would be Rock in a Hard Place because I rock in the hardest places ;33 Describe yourself as a player in 3 words

-Whimsical, persistent and joyfull Do you remember dying in a funny way?

-I love recording my hunts and I've died because I fell asleep a few times, then when I watch the videos it's funny that my hand keeps shooting rotations until the very end, even when my brain shut down Have you ever needed to feel motivated to play Tibia?

-Not really Do you have any words for the community?

-Play your own game, find what you enjoy the most and do it all you want, make it yours.

Sometimes the place we are and the people we choose seems to be like they are the entire world, but if we take a few steps outside that little box, we will find that they're just tiny people and the world is infinite

Sunday, July 31, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E21R03


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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E21R02


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Instagram Daily Goals - Annual Competition

Are you familiar with our daily goals on our Instagram?
We've been posting them for two years now but from now on (27.07.2022) we will start keeping track of the number of goals everyone does! You will also start getting points for your goals!
The person with the most considerable number of points will receive Luna on our birthday on 27.07.2023!

What to do exactly?

1. Follow us on Instagram: @tibiagoals
2. Every day we post a new goal which you must fulfill within 24 hours

An example goal

3. Post a story proving you did it and tag @tibiagoals
Remember that we will only see your story if your account is public and you tag us so that we get the notification.

4. Next to each goal there will be a number of points given (1-3) based on its difficulty
5. The person with the highest number of points at 27.07.2023 00:01 CEST receives Luna

*If at the end of the event several people have the same top number of points, the winner will be determined by a lottery. 

You may check your score here:

Sunday, July 24, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E21R01


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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R10


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Sunday, July 17, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R09

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Wednesday, July 13, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R08

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Sunday, July 10, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R07

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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R06

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Sunday, July 3, 2022

Huntsie #2: Find Luna is over! Check out the results!

Here are the results of Huntsie #2: Find Luna!
We wanted to make a TOP 10 but due to queues some of us got muted for a minute at a point and took a bit longer to respond to you, so we decided to make it TOP 15 and TOP 16 actually because the 15th and 16th place have the same time :3 
We will surely organize more of those in the future!

Good luck!

The winners:
1st place: Ca milla
2nd place: Ryon Skyart
3rd place: Xirtex

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R05

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Friday, July 1, 2022

Player of the month #24: Essie Blyana

Our Player of the Month for July is Essie Blyana. The druidess from Inabra is relatively new player and enjoys both, the PvP and the RPG part of the game!

Hello, Could you introduce yourself? What’s your name, where are you from.. Etc.

-Hello! Im Jesu, better known as Essie on Tibia and social media. I'm from Chile, Chemical Civil Engineer by day, and streamer at nights. Focusing on Tibia, my actual main character is Essie Goddess

and people categorize me as "One of the chileans pvpgirls".

Who showed you Tibia? 

-My rl friends showed me Tibia, they insisted on downloading it (2018), to be honest I didn't want it, I saw the graphics and thought they were horrible. One day I downloaded it and I didnt know what the game consisted of, but I made an effort and I hunted till level 12 on Amazon Camp, because I didn't know how to play, I quit. I came back in August- September 2019, and I've been playing non-stop. 

Do you like to play other games besides Tibia?

-Yes!, actually Tibia is my favorite, when I don't find nothing to do there, I like to play CsGO with my friends, and specially with my friend Michi <3, I'm also fan of horror videogames, like Phasmophobia, I used to play that with my friend Ari, from Quintera.                                                                                                                                      

How would you describe a gamer girl? Do you consider one?

-Is a girl that likes to play videogames of any kind, it's like a hobby to her, she acquires the full story of the games she likes, she encourages herself to learn how to play different characters, learn combos, etc. 

Yes, I would consider myself a gamer girl, I've played video games almost my entire life, I've had many consoles, and at least played 50 games, actually I just play on PC. 

You are into PvP, which war has been your favorite, and why?

-My favorite war was definitely the Quelibra war (2020-2021), Team Insanity, with Theuzikk vs Djair. In that time, I came up with a lot situations in Tibia, that I consider difficulties, and I took the feelings of what those difficulties were causing me and I transformed them into strengths, and I came active on war, I had a full cycle, “Ks to kill, from kill to hunt” and repeat. I had a big change between my PvP from one war to another, I learned alot about them, I think they are really good players. And specially, I had the opportunity of meeting players that kept me motivated and kept learning more about what I love to do, fight wars. 

X o Y


Druid or Sorcerer -Druid

Twitch or TikTok -Twitch

No blueberry cupcake or No blessed steak -No blessed steak

Never use SD's again or never use paralyze again -Never use paralyze again

Assassin or Hunter? -Assassin

Decorate Houses or decorate Levels? -Decorate Levels

Boost or Prey? -Prey

Rapid event or doble Experience/skill event? -Doble Experience/skill event

Fight on Darashia or fight on Liberty Bay? -Fight on Darashia

If you could introduce a new tool for Gamer girls on Twitch, which would it be?

-Be honest, I don't think of one in particular, Im so use to deal with people in any situation you could get on Twitch being a Gamergirl, but if they could do some changes, like for example, find a way to empathize with women and the toxicity on the platform, because I see constant harassment in other girls channels. 

Is there any player you admire?

-I admire a few people, one of them is Michizita, she's my top PvP girl in Tibia. I think she's really good at tanking, and I havent had the opportunity to see another girl tanking the way she does. Theuzikk, in some previous wars I saw how he tanks, and commands a big amount of players at the same time, and of course we need to mention how good running spawns. And last, Ari Tibiaplays, I admire her alot because how nice she is in and outside the game, she has such a big heart where evil and malicious does not exist, she showed me that our friendship is so beautiful and strong, that we go together to any server (with or without lag) <3 it motivates me having someone with her support in Tibia. 

Have you ever died in a funny way? 

-A year ago when I was fighting on Solidera with my friends, I was hunting with Ted and Assuna on

Catacombs, and I was on Live Chill and we decided to join a Discord to listen music while we were talking on Teamspeak, while we were fixing the bot on Discord with Ted, Assuna was in charge of ours chars while we were afk with the bot, as soon as we did it, I check my screen and I saw my character dead, I asked Assuna what happened, and she told me she didn't know I died, she said she was eating a candy and when she turned to check on me I was already dead HAHAHAHA. Anyways, I found that death hilarious, and Assuna watching her candies instead of us. 

Do you have any goals in Tibia lately?

-Mmm, I think I want to learn how to play MS, have more vision in the game when I tank, and learn how to run library with ping server br. 

How would you describe a charlover? Do you consider yourself one?

-To me, a charlover person, like the name says, is someone who loves their character, it doesn't matter if you spend money on your char or not. The community thinks being a charlover is something bad but they are wrong, there's nothing bad with liking your char, and if you want to invest money to make it better. Personally, I like my main character a lot, but I don't invest money to make it better, and I don't get upset when I die, so you could say I am a charlover only with the fact that I like my character a lot. 

Do you have any words for the community?

-Mostly, remember it's only a game, and we shouldn't mix Tibia with real life. Also to be aware of what comes from our mouths and the consequences that it may bring, like making someone feel bad. Other things that I learned and I could use in this community, ignore any mean and offensive comments, just keep the good ones, it doesn't matter who says it, your friend or enemy, someone who you don't know, etc. And last, im my opinion everyone should “Just play your game”

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R04


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Sunday, June 26, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R03

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R02


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Sunday, June 19, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E20R01

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

TibiaGoals Riddles E19R10


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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

New Decoration

New decorative items have been added to the Store. Tell your own story of chivalry and knighthood by turning your humble home into a medieval castle with Knightly Furniture including a chair, a table, a cabinet and a chest.

How to win your next knightly tournament? Sharpen you mind with a game of chess and then put it to rest in a bed fit for a hero.
You are planning to host to a grand banquet?
Use Knightly Bench pieces to make sure there are enough seats at the table.
Choose between various light sources to illuminate dark halls and ignite the fire bowl to signal your arrival.
Every castle needs a Knightly Guard!
From its tiny fortress, the most vigilant creature alive will keep watch for any unwanted visitors spying on your rare treasures or your fair lady.

When bought, these items are directly delivered to you as decoration kits, which can be unwrapped inside your house. The unwrapped decoration items are non-takeable and also indestructible.

Decorate for honour and glory!