Thursday, September 23, 2021

Sneak Peek: Tibia Observer

Dear Tibians,

CipSoft is excited to present you a sneak peek at the Tibia Observer, a notification app that will support you in your Tibia activities without requiring you to log into the game or website.

Stay informed

The Tibia Observer provides you with notifications about various aspects of Tibia to keep you informed about things which matter to you. You can define which information you would like to receive to get tailor-made in-app and push notifications which cover the following topics:

  • Raids: Raid announcements from the Cyclopedia map can be shown through the app if you have unlocked the respective area. You can define specifically which areas you would like to be notified about.
  • Events: The app can remind you about the next double XP/skill, rapid respawn and double loot event, as well as world events. It can also tell you when a world event has been successfully completed on a game world.
  • News: Get notifications about the latest news and entries in the news ticker or the CM tracker.
  • Char Bazaar: If you have certain attributes in mind which your desired character needs to have, simply create a search and be informed once a fitting auction is created. You can select filters for game world and type, level, vocation and skill. Once you have found an interesting offer, the app will take you to the Tibia website where you can proceed to bid.
  • Mini World Changes: Do not miss out on mini world changes by defining which of them interest you and receiving a notification on server save about them.
  • Houses: Are you looking to buy a new home or simply want to stay informed about the world of real estate? Simply tell the Tibia Observer when your dream house is up for auction to not miss your chance to put in a bid.
  • Offline training: Optimise your offline training by staying notified about how long your characters have been training and how long they can still keep going.
  • Forum: Receive notifications immediately when somebody has responded in one of your threads to be able to reply in a timely manner. You can decide from which forum sections you would like to get messages.

Security is paramount

Being safe while using the app was a crucial design aspect in the development of the Tibia Observer. No password or other sensitive data is needed and stored on your smartphone. Instead, the app is linked to your account via a token which is generated in the account management on the Tibia website. That is all which is needed to begin using the app. This link can also be revoked again at once through the account management.
Your account can only be connected to one installation of the Tibia Observer at a time. You can link up to three accounts to one such installation.

Also, they want to emphasise that Tibia Observer's purpose is to inform players about certain activities or events in Tibia through notifications on their mobile devices. It is explicitly not designed to allow the performing of ingame or website actions such as buying and selling items or bidding on auctions, for example.

Closed and Open Beta

Cipsoft has selected a handful of players to help them during a closed beta test which will last the coming weeks. After its conclusion, they expect to have an open beta test during which all players can try the app and give their feedback. During the closed and open beta, the app is only available for Android systems. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

TibiaGoals Riddles E12R04

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Contest "Complete your goal"

Have you ever set a goal for yourself, but somewhere along the way, you simply lost motivation? We are here to make sure that the motivation stays with you!

Your task is to set a challenging, Tibia-related goal for yourself that you will be able to complete in 45 days, and then, using our discord server, tell the community about the process of reaching it. Why would you share it with the community? Well, here’s the second, innovative part of the contest; the entire Tibian community will be able to judge the works and also win some prizes!

Please make sure you read all the rules, as well as the Q&A carefully. The Q&A will be updated regularly if we receive any questions that will benefit the other participants. Deadlines: It begins and ends at the server save (10 a.m. CEST) of these days.

20-25th September - signing up (I Preparatory Phase)

26th September - 9th November - working on the goal (II Final Phase)

10th - 20th November - submitting the goal (II Final Phase)

21st November - 5th December - community voting (Voting rules)

Rules for the contestants
The rules for the contestants are divided into two categories, the preparatory phase, and the final phase
I Preparatory phase
1. You have to choose a goal for yourself that you will be able to accomplish in 45 days.

2. The goal has to be challenging, meaning it cannot be too easy to achieve in 45 days. We also need to remember that what’s challenging for a level 300, might not necessarily be challenging for a level 1000.
Example of a non-challenging goal: Advancing from level 100 to 150 in 45 days.
Example of a challenging goal: Advancing from level 100 to 150 in 45 days as a free account.
Example of a non-challenging goal: Killing 500 Trolls
Example of a challenging goal: Killing 50.000 Trolls
Example of a non-challenging goal: Killing 200 Brachiodemons as level 900
Example of a challenging goal: Killing 200 Brachiodemons as level 300
Moreover, it has to be long-term, meaning that it cannot be something you wanna reach in a short time period (therefore, your goal cannot be “Getting 10 levels in one day”).  

3. Your goal can be about levels, skills, achievements, character titles, PvP, bestiary entries, or charm points, but if you have another idea you can also let us know, creativity is very welcome! It can also be something not related to upgrading your character and just some abstract goal (i.e. marrying 300 different characters). However, we would rather omit having money-related goals, as these will be difficult to track and easy to cheat unless you also provide an approach to track it (such as stream with saved vods for example).
4. You have to send the idea of the goal to: till the server save of 25th September.

                4a) In case your goal is accepted, you can proceed to complete it.
                4b) Your goal might not be accepted if it’s not challenging enough, in this case, we will respond to your mail with an offer on how to enhance it, and you then have 24h to confirm it or offer us your way to enhance it, your 45 days will start counting ever since then.

5. Your mail should contain:
-Character’s name and server (Let us know if you wanna remain anonymous to the public)
-The goal you want to achieve with a few sentences explanation (why do you want to achieve this goal)
-An information on whether you are free acc or premium acc
-A fullscreen screenshot of the current state of the character: Level, bestiary entry, charm points, skills, all depending on what is your goal. If the goal is about bestiary/charm points, we would ask you to move the Cyclopedia window in a way that your character will still be visible on your screen like so:

6. Remember, the more difficult, challenging, and outstanding the goal will be, the bigger chance to win.
7. The goal cannot be something you already achieved! You are meant to achieve it during the 45 days.

II The final phase
1. You have 45 days to complete the goal. After 45 days send an email to with a screenshot showing the current state of your character.
2. While responding to your mail, TG admin will let you know what kind of screenshots you should provide in your final submission (For example a screenshot every 10 levels, etc).
3. When the 45 days pass, you will have extra 10 days to provide screenshots together with a description of the process of reaching the goal and posting it on our discord server. The technique is up to you, you can present your goal in any way you want, as long as you add the screenshots we ask you for in the beginning of the journey. You can make a video (check out the video by our admin for possible inspiration), or a text, whether it be a poem or prose, first or third person, it’s totally up to you (check out the Your Goals section for possible inspiration)!
4. You cannot break Tibia rules while working on your goal.
5. TibiaGoals staff will check the characters on regularly, to see how the progress goes and verify whether the account status didn’t change (for example when your goal is related to being free account and it becomes premmy, you might be disqualified)
6. Your story can be written in English, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese. You can also provide multiple language versions, which might be appreciated by the people voting.

7. Your story might eventually end up in our Your Goals section and we will translate it to 5 languages <3 


1st place - Golden warrior trophy + choice between Luna, Bronze Necklace, and a Bear doll + 250 Tibia coins (non-transferable)
2nd place - Silver warrior trophy + choice between the two remaining items 
3rd place - Bronze warrior trophy + the remaining item

Voting rules
The entire community will be able to vote for their favorite works and choose the top 5 winners, out of which the TibiaGoals staff will choose 3 final winners.
1. The vote will only be valid if you choose at least two works, providing a short (at least 100 words) justification for your choice to both works (minimum 200 words in total then). In the comment you can write how this specific goal differs from others, why did you decide to choose it, how is it better than the others, etc.
2. Your critique should be sent on our discord server, in the channel #Voting-goals (it will be opened once all the participants send their descriptions)
3. Apart from the text, you also need to:
* Provide your character name
* The character has to be at least level 100
* The character cannot be hidden

        * Add the names of the people you vote for
4. If we notice that there are comments which are identical or just slightly paraphrased, we will only count the first one as valid
5. If there will be 1 comment in a few language versions added by different players, we will also only count the first one as valid
6. The contestants can also participate in the voting, however, they cannot vote for their own story.
7. Your critique needs to have valid arguments, meaning you cannot say “I choose the work of the player X because its cool”
8. Your text can be written in English, Polish, Spanish or Portuguese.
9. You cannot use verbal attack towards participants. The language of your text has to be proper.

10. Every vote that will follow the rules participates in a lottery. The numbers will be given chronologically (eg. You posted the critique as 4th, your number in the lottery will be 4 and so on)

11. When the voting ends (5th December) we will proceed to count the votes, which means it might take us a few days to publish the top 5.

Lottery Prizes:
1st place - Choice between Snake God Trophy, Elven Trophy, and Badge of Glory
2nd place - Choice between the remaining two items
3rd place - The remaining item


Q1: What if someone’s goal gets accepted earlier than mine? Do they have more time?

A1: No, everyone’s 45 days will count individually, therefore there is no way to have a head start. We will inform you about your deadline (the beginning and the end of your goal-reaching period) in the email.

Q2: What happens if I don’t manage to complete my goal?

A2: It depends on your goal and also how far you would be. If you don’t manage to fulfill your goals in even 70% then your submission might not be valid, however, if you will be relatively close to reaching it and you manage to describe your road in an interesting way that will outshine the competition, your submission still has a chance.

Q3: What happens if I complete my goal before 45 days pass?

A3: If you manage to complete your goal earlier, you can send it to us earlier, emphasizing the fact that you were faster in your description.

Q4: I wasn’t able to play for a few days, do I get extra days?

A4: Sadly, we will need to stick to the 45 days regardless to make it fair to other participants. Extra days could be used to regenerate stamina fully and that would be inequitable

Q5: I have a lot of enemies and I’m afraid they will vote against me, what can I do?
A5: Your final story can be anonymous, you don’t need to provide your character name to the public, even on the screenshots you can cover your name, providing that you send us the real screenshots with your name visible. You would then need to let us know that you would rather remain anonymous and send us your submission (text with screenshots or video) by email, and we will then share it on discord, replacing your name with Anonymous1 etc. 

Q6: What if someone will tell their friends to vote for them?

A6: We cannot stop such occurrences from happening; however, we found an approach to make it difficult for such actions to prove successful. First of all, you cannot only vote for one work, you have to choose at least two, therefore, while boosting the work of your friend, you will also need to boost the work of at least one different user. What is more, your vote will only be counted if you write a few sentences about each work you choose, so it’s not just the matter of saying “I vote for X.” We will also be checking if there are no comments that are basically just a paraphrase. This is also why the community will only be able to pick the top 5 works, and will not determine the top 3 winners in the end.

Q7: What if someone else will have the same goal as me?

A7: We will inform you if a goal similar to yours will be already reported and then you can decide whether you still want to do it, or maybe you want to change it a little. Remember though, that even if there will be two similar goals, your roads and experiences, as well as ways to present them to the community will still vary!

Q8: Does my goal have to be related to one character only?

A8: No, you can set a goal to get 5 characters to level 100 for example, however, in this case we would ask you to send us all 5 character names in your email.

Q9: Can I vote anonymously?

A9: Sadly, you cannot vote anonymously. We need to monitor the voters to find any attempts to cheat the voting system. 

Q10: What happens if I forget to take screenshots?

A10: We are all human and forgetting is something natural! If you forget once or twice that’s alright, however, the screenshots are important to verify the process of your progress and will also make your final submission look more pleasant to the voters. That being said, it is okay if your final submission will lack 1 or 2 screenshots we requested, but try to provide as many as you can. If you miss out on too many screenshots, and the progress cannot be followed anymore easily, we might decide to exclude your goal from the contest. 

Q11: Can my friend help me with reaching my goal?
A11: Of course! The goal is supposed to motivate you to do what you wanted, not to limit you in any way, therefore yes, your friends can help you, although if a friend has a significant role in the goal-reaching process, it would be cool to mention him/her in your final submission.

TibiaGoals Riddles E12R03

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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Colours of magic

The wizards Furb of Fun, Feiz of Power, and Fern of Nature are back in the land of Tibia, competing for the votes of the Tibian citizens. You can now decide again who is the most popular wizard among them in your game world.

Starting with today's server save, various monsters will drop envelopes with red, blue, or yellow powder. If you want to know how to colour yourself and mix colours, check the letter that is included in the envelopes.

If you are interested in further facts about the event, please check with the wizards' loyal fans: Friedolin, the fan of the orange wizard awaits you in Carlin. Paulette supports the violet wizard and can be found in Thais. Representing the green wizard, Nathaniel stands in Venore.
During the competition, you will receive bonus points, which you can trade with these three supporters of the wizards after you have chosen your colour.
Use the bonus points to get your own chess box if you did not possess one yet. If you have one already, you can complete your set of Zaoan chess figurines made of jade and obsidian.

Time to decide which team you go for since each of the three offers a different special reward. Depending on the wizard with the most followers on your game world on September 23, server save, your world will benefit from one of the following rewards for one week:

  • Furb of Fun (orange): The shared experience bonus in party mode will be raised by 30%. The chance to successfully sculpt from ice cubes and marble will be multiplied by 10. Also, fireworks rockets, party trumpets, snowballs and party hats can be found in all the creatures which dropped envelopes.
  • Feiz of Power (violet): The majority of spellcaster creatures such as ice witches or draken spellweavers, for example, will give 25% more experience points. In addition, the skill bonus of berserk and bullseye potions will be raised to +7, and the shielding decrease will be set to -8 instead of -10. The magic level bonus of mastermind potions will be raised to +5.
  • Fern of Nature (green): All health and mana potions will be enhanced by 10%.

Happy colour mixing!

TibiaGoals Riddles E12R02

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Sunday, September 12, 2021

TibiaGoals Riddles E12R01

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