Friday, April 9, 2021

New Decoration

Are you on the lookout for some fiery decoration for your home? Something that will turn up the heat for your guests? With the new Volcanic Furniture and other furnishings which just arrived in the Store, your abode will turn into the hottest property on the block.

Since it contains actual lava, the Volcanic Basin is an excellent heat source, but should be handled with special care.
The Volcanic Sphere, an imposing light source, stands tall, and was unsurprisingly fashioned out of volcanic rock.
The Volcanic Bulb is kind of like a lightbulb, but bigger. And with magma inside.
Basically an oversized lava lamp, the Volcanic Spire fascinates with its vivid insides.
The Volcanic Mirror is an imposing piece which is surprisingly practical, when turned off. When turned on, it becomes a bit harder to see your reflection in it, but it is also a lot more impressive.
The Demon Baller is a diligent little fella who assiduously practices his shot.

When bought, these items are directly delivered to you as decoration kits, which can be unwrapped inside your house. The unwrapped decoration items are non-takeable and also indestructible.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Rapid Respawn Weekend

Sharpen your swords and ready your spells, for hordes of monsters are incoming! Another Rapid Respawn Weekend will soon be upon us yet again!

Do not forget to donate enough gold for your favourite hunting ground to take full advantage of the event!

Between the server saves of April 09 and April 12, all monsters will respawn five times faster. Areas with an active improved respawn area bonus yield an even faster respawn time. Save the date!

Happy fighting!

Friday, April 2, 2021

Your Goals #14: Neo the Boss: The fight for the mighty hat

his is the tale of an average mage in his quest for obtaining the proof of defeating the most powerful and evil sorcerer known in the land at the server Quelibra.

This was his dream and goal for many, many years,

The story begins right after server save, 17th of January 2021. Using the tools at disposal to predict the imminent raid in Kharos, our average mage protagonist raced for the tower where the seals were breaking, Ferumbras' return was close.

The tower was filled with players, among them, the top levels and skill of the server were all here. Even a 1550 druid, and many other mages with greater magic level and level, Paladins with crossbows in hand and sharpshooting for absurd distance fighting levels. Our protagonist was sure tho, that this day, he would surpass his limits and bring back home the proof he wanted for so long.

Before our battle against the evil sorcerer, our battle was with our war enemies, to win a good spot for our stand against Ferumbras, while defending ourselves from their lower levels attacks. We managed to clean everything within the hour before the first message was sent on our Server Log, confirming his return.

After the long wait, our awaited enemy appears in front of our eyes, our protagonist, who calculated the time perfectly, as soon as the evil sorcerer appeared, he slapped his face with the first sudden death rune proceeding by a strong combo from all the other players, this caused Ferumbras' anger and hate to increase drastically, focusing on our protagonist for striking him first, this caused our protagonist to receive a powerful blast from his enemy. But he would not stand and receive a hit from Ferumbras without striking him back, and right after the damaging spell was received, our protagonist strikes him back with the most powerful spell at his disposal, "Eternal Winter" for critical damage, sending him back to where he came from.

After being so confident that he would prove his worth among the strongest players in Tibia, he checked his Loot log, to see and confirm that his dream was soon to stop being just a dream, and becoming a reality. The proof of slaying Ferumbras, meaning the Ferumbras' Hat was on his hands. Theshock and rage of the "so powerful" high levels, high skill was so great that they started spreading hate and threat towards our protagonist, but he was not caring, he managed to play it right and got rewarded by completing his goal.

After going back home, with the hat on his backpack, he places it on his house, wakes up his darling to show her that he finally made it, and afterwards calls all the members of the guild to show that the hat stayed within our team.

With no hesitation, our protagonist, his beloved one, and his loyal friend race towards Zoltan, to show the proof, and wear it 
proudly on his head for the rest of times, to show to those who denigrated, discriminated, insulted, hated, and mocked him, that he was also able to accomplish his goal, regardless of all the obstacles placed in his path.

What I want to tell everyone with this story is: never give up on your dream, work to reach your goal, do not let anyone tell you can not do it. Keep working, and eventually, the time will come for you to reach your goal. And also, never forget to share your achievements with the people that were always with you.

Your Goals #13: Ragge Storm: It is not about the graphics; it is about the community to play with

My tibia story begins in 2008 when my cousin showed me this game. My first reaction was like “these graphics are horrible; I will never play this game” – ye… xD –. However, I decided to give it a shot, so that, I created my first character which was master sorcerer on Hiberna – it is an old server –. Nowadays, this character does not exist anymore. My main fun was killing other players with my fire elementals and sudden death runes. I remember I was a red skull once. Nevertheless, I stopped playing it after some months. 

After that, I came back to play tibia in 2010 due to my friends. They were playing on Titania. As a result of this, I created my current and beloved paladin, Ragge Storm. In the beginning, my goal was to get levels quickly so I could join the war guild where my friends were but as I was getting more introduced to all the tibia content, my goals were also changing. Consequently, I started to feel more attracted to completing quests and outfits, getting new mounts and achievements, etc. In addition, I had the opportunity to meet old players from Titania who taught me a lot of this game, for example, hunting grounds or which equipment is the best for a paladin. I have to say that Titania’s community was kind and immensely helpful and I thanks to everyone who helped me and might be reading my tibia story.

As I said before, getting mounts was one of my interests, and here it goes my first significant event in this game. I wanted the mount “blazebringer” which you get from the event called “lightbearer”, but Titania always had failed it on previous occasions. Accordingly, I decided to make a huge forum post asking for help to succeed in it as well as explaining how to make this event and the rewards we could get. The answer was massive! Although there was a war ongoing, both sides decided to stop it for a while and help to complete the event. It was incredible. I never saw the English chat as alive as those four days. From my point of view this was significant because it shows the best version of every single player as a human being. It was wonderful and we should do it more often instead of being toxic in this game.

Continuing with my story, one of my goals in this game is collecting rare items. One of my favourite collections are the pharaoh items and pits of inferno items. I started to kill bosses and buy items from other players. I collected most of the pharaoh items and got all pits of inferno items. Back to those days, these items were more expensive than nowadays. Furthermore, I started to collect dolls. I had a huge collection of them like 30 panda teddies, 2 torn teddies, 2 teddy bears, norseaman doll (replica), 2 fan doll of queen eloise, basket of puppies, etc. But - and here it goes the second significant event in my tibia career -, I got hacked at lvl 321. I still remember that day. I was trying to buy a thunder hammer when I saw an offer in the world forum board. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention and the link to the main thread was a hack link, so that I got hacked and I lost everything as well as I died by a wyrm because I was checking the boss tyrn that day. My friends tried to stop the hacker, but he threatened them warning that he would rook my character to level 1 if they tried to stop him. I know it is frustrating when you lose something that u have been building for a long time in a couple of minutes. That day was a day to think about what to do. On one hand, I could decide to stop playing tibia. On the other hand, I could decide to keep playing it. Well, I chose to keep playing for a simple reason, friends.

Based on my experience, this game is only fun when you have someone to play with. Your goal may be being the top 1 experience in your server or perhaps you want to get the highest score in distance or magic level. But before your goals reveal to yourself, the main reason for playing this game is because when we log in there is always someone to play with and that’s why I always say “it is not about the graphics, it is about the community to play with”. This is a reference to what I said before.

According to this, the next day after my hack, I was playing again with a crown set, hive bow and 3kk given to me by my friends. Let me tell you where has that decision led me. I was level 321, now I am level 536. I had 650ish achievements points, now I have 835 and the most important aspect I could meet new people who are also my friends now. Consequently, I animate to everyone to not be sad when they got hacked or their houses are cleaned by someone who was pretending to be a “friend” to get the items you have. Get over it and keep moving with your friend while you enjoy your time playing this game.

To sum up my tibia story, I would like to bring here my closest friends, they are Dyin Bryan, Talerim and Lady Xyver and recently they showed to me the best version of themselves as human beings. One of my short-term goals was getting a falcon bow. I was saving cash for it and I was also crossing my fingers to loot it from oberon. However, they decided to buy it for me and give it to me as a gift for my birthday. It was incredible and this is another significant event for me because as I said it shows the best version of a human being and it also shows how our goals can be completed with our friends help. So that, stick with your friends and enjoy the game. Do not let anything discourage you and stand by our friends during the hard moments.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Celebrities who played Tibia

In today's article, we will expose the celebrities who played Tibia. Not all of them are known for their love for the MMORPG online but we've made quite a research and managed to find photos of their streams or Instagram stories where they prove that they play Tibia.


Everyone knows that Tibia is an extremely popular game in Brasil not only among the ordinary mortals but also among the most famous people. As it turns out, Tibia has gained its maximum popularity peak back in 2008 when the news reported that the most famous Brasilian football player and their national pride Neymar, (Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior) also played Tibia on a quite high-leveled character. On 3 June 2013, Neymar was unveiled by Barcelona and signed a contract that would keep him at the club. After several attempts to exp his character on a NA server while being in Europe has resulted in his multiple deaths, Neymar decided to quit Tibia and abandoned his Tibia character. Neymar is known for the love for his country and the sources report that he stated he would have never transferred to a European server due to love for his roots.

To our great surprise, Zlatan Ibrahimović, the most loved Swedish football player who mostly streams Fortnite posted a selfie on his Instagram stories where we can see his monitor in the background which clearly displays the Tibia window. It turns out that the sports star loves playing Tibia apart from other games. The picture has been removed from his stories several minutes after it had been posted but his inquisitive fans managed to see it and take a screenshot of it. There happened to be Tibia fans there, as well, and they sent us this image.

Rihanna Not many of you know, but Rihanna is actually connected to Tibia. Is she an active player? Well… she’s more than just that! She is a CM! The sneaky Umbrella singer hides under the name Rejana. She thought she could fool us by changing some letters of the name, but we got to the bottom of it!

What is Rihanna’s favorite outfit? Well, no surprise here, of course, it is the Barbadian outfit.
You might wonder how we got this information. We have acquired an interesting screenshot taken by one of our admins:

Additional information: She is also connected to Arejana Grande, we do not know much about it yet though, but we are working on it!

We've received this rare photography of Eminem trying to play Tibia in 2013 when he was dating his ex-girlfriend who worked for CipSoft. Eminem would always ask her about Tibia so she decided to show him the game. Unfortunately, Eminem was always rather confused and after dying three times to rats he got discouraged. Eventually, she decided to leave him due to his inability to play Tibia. He got heartbroken and decided to win her heart back by getting level 100. He wrote a song called 'Love Game' where he raps 'The game just isn't the same its changing, To new Game, You're now about to witness the power'. However, Eminem never managed to leave Rookgaard. He became passionate about Tibia, though, and somewhat obsessed with the monsters of the mainland he's never been given to face. That's why in 2013 he recorded the song "Monsters" together with Rihanna who, as you already know, hides behind the name Rejana and is also a CM!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj despite living in America, used to like to play EU servers. Not many know that Nicki Minaj is also a huge Power Abuser! Back in the days, she kicked our admin Divine'Angel from respawn, after which she mentioned that situation in one of her songs with the Korean group BTS called Idol. Here's the quote: "So much power in the mind, yes Divine. Take your change you’ll never be next in line". Their beef is now over apparently, Divine states. “Yes, I do remember that situation, however, it is past now, I am very happy for Onika and I cannot wait for her newest album”, says the sorceress from Talera.

The sources say that the Trinidadian rapper gets distracted very easily while playing though, as she spends a lot of time looking at her phone, as a result of this, her character gets logged out.
Nicki was also caught on streams playing Tibia. 

Britney Spears
Not many people know that Britney Spears, a famous pop star, used to be a Tibia streamer.  "After her meltdown in 2007 and several rehab attempts she found her peace in a MMORPG online called Tibia" - reports New York Times. Spears decided to break free from her father, Jamie Spears, from managing her career and being deprived of her freedom and begin an independent career as a hard rock singer. After going bankrupt, she started streaming Tibia in 2011 and gained a lot of followers all over the world. Not long after her first successful streams, she has been forced to quit by her PR managers who demanded all the proofs that the pop star had ever played Tibia removed from the internet. The pop star wanted to secretly give a shout-out to her Tibian fans and recorded a song called "Till The World Ends" where, in between the lines, she means that she will continue playing Tibia till the world ends. An interesting fact is that Spears got tricked into getting black skulled three times and the third time it happens she sang "Oops, I did it again" on the stream and everybody loved it.

Kim Kardashian

In 2012, Kim was a very active war player. She was not the best, but she was always extremely passionate about this aspect of the game. However, some deaths affected her more than others. In one of the episodes of KUWTK, we could see the celebrity’s reaction to getting killed afk, let’s say that the star did not take it too well.

What is more, Kim attempted to hide the fact that she plays from her family. Her mother Kris once heard the woman yelling “north-west! north-west!” in the middle of the night and got concerned. It was then when the woman realized that her daughter becomes a vicious ingame killer at night! The family gave the star a new nickname, North-West. In order to stop them from calling her that, Kim decided to give that name to her firstborn.
“I didn’t know what to do about this nickname, honestly it was like so rude” states Kim, “Giving that name to my baby seemed like the best thing I could do at the time”, she claims.

Peter Dinklage

The Game of Thrones star, Peter Dinklage used to stream Tibia while he was In Belfast, Ireland while the cast was filming the 8th season of the series. His poor performance in the final season is said to be caused by his distraction with Tibia. Peter was passionate about the city of Kazordoon where he owned a house called Lost Cavern. He only reached level 58 because he was too busy killing everyone who decided to hunt the dwarves. Apparently, the movie star assumed the dwarves are other players and he committed to protecting them. 

Source: trust me bro - Divine'Angel & Lady Mass

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Player of the Month #9: Nanka

Our Player of the Month for April is Nanka. She is a druid with over 600 levels of experience, currently happily living on the server Secura!

Can you introduce yourself? What’s your name, how old are you, etc?
-Hi! My name is Kinga, I’m 27 years old. I play character named Nanka, elder druid with level 613 located in european Secura. I live in southern Poland. I’m mom of one and I work full time so most of my time I spend at work or taking care of my 6 years old son. If I don’t play Tibia, I like watching movies and TV series, hanging around with my friends,  Instagrammmin, cleaning and tidying up the house (I know, I know!  but it brings peace to my mind), and what is very connected to my job, travelling! 
I politely asked my friend to describe me, and this is what he said: „you are kind, sometimes unpredictable, with mindset to achieve goals, you change plans often, you’re loyal, sensitive and sometimes lack selfdistance”. He also stated that it’s easy for me to talk with new people and I’m honest. I approve. There is important fact about me: I adore three things: pink, Taylor Swift and cats. Cats. Cats. Have I mentoned cats?

How did you start your Tibian journey?
-My Tibian journey started in 2007 when my older brother showed Tibia to me. I played constantly untill 2014, I’ve got many characters, but I always choose optional PvP. You could meet me at worlds like Candia, Guardia, Fidera, and now, Secura.

Then I took a break in 2014, decided to leave my old account and leave Tibia for good. I left Nanka as a noobchar at level 100.  The reason of my break was that I decided to get some rest from drama in game that I wasn’t handling well anymore, focus on my education, and in the meantime I decided to start a family. 

I came back in May 2020 as a result of much free time due the pandemic. Again, it was my brother who sent me screenshot of level advancement. It triggered my to the point I bought Premium time before even loggin in. Thanks to Tibia and people that I met here I  survived  2020 and changed my life for good. 

Is there any player that you find inspiring?

-There are a lot of players that I find inspiring. Almost every single invidual I’ve met in this game has brought something in my life. I’ve noticed I do that in real life as well, and I treat people in

game just like in real life. Throughout those years I came across very inspiring players in my Tibian life. One of them was definitely Nini from Olympa - now Monza. She’s retired now, but I remember being really impressed with her skills in game in Tibiacast, her ability to create her own community and how game seemed to be so fun for her. I don’t know her personally, but I’ve seen her with her friends and in my opinion it says alot about one. She literally created her own World – World of Nini. I even liked the similarity of our nicknames and love for the purple aesthetics!

I was always playing with lots of guys, and it brings specific consequences. I must admit, many times I caught myself being more focused not at my goals, but theirs. 

Two nice ladies reminded me that I play for me and I should do what I love most, no matter what others think about it.

In this moment I’d like to say pretty, pretty thanks to both:
Kasia – Divine’Angel, Justyna – Lady Mass!

Thanks for countless hours that I sank in both of your Instagram profiles, inspired with deco, sense of humour, attitude, goals, various skills and passions. You both have no idea how much you gave me. Girls POWAH!

If you could only do one thing in Tibia, what would you choose? Hunting, getting achievements, or maybe questing?

-I love all mentioned above, but if I had to choose one, I’d choose hunting. The reason is not only getting experience and watching your character’s growth, but the fact that I get to have fun with people I like. Sometimes, I wonder what must everyone new who joins our team for random hunt, think. and… then I’d rather wonder no more… hahaha!  My polish & spanish hunting teams, I always say I love you and I really do! 

Do you remember your first dragon?

-Unfortunately, no. Don’t judge me, but it just didn’t feel like an achievement. BUT! I can tell you literally ALL about my: first panther and all mounts, first and every house, history of my tibian names and colours… Priorities, people, priorities!

X or Y

Liberty Bay or Port Hope
-There was a time I’d say Liberty Bay, because I used to own three houses there and those times remind me of my nice comeback to Tibia. Things change, I moved to another city, I feel sentimental there but that’s it. Now I choose Port Hope. This is a place to meet my favourite monster – midnight panther. You can also get through the mountains to Darama, where I actually live now, there are the pharaohs, generous lady Scarlett Etzel, spectres I used to hunt… let’s say Port Hope is just way more fun because of multiple possibilities that island as a whole provides.

Wear only citizen outfit or wear only donkey mount?

-I don’t think it’s possible for me to stick with one outfit forever, so I’d go with wear only donkey mount, which I wouldn’t use anyway because I don’t use mounts unless it changes my speed on certain floors. (am I using a loophole here?)

Catacombs or Prison?

-To be honest, I hunted catacombs when I was really low level (too low?) so I might be bias, I’d go

with Prison, I had my fun there! 

Open PvP or Optional PvP

-Definitely Optional PvP, I’ve been there forever! There is a funny story of my first steps in tibia in around 2007, I got out of my safe Rookgaard, my first character was located in Open PvP server. When I’ve noticed people killing each other I wanted to go back to Rookgaard. Like badly. This way  I’ve learnt that there are different kinds of servers and actually: never came back there. Optional PvP ever since!

Buying items or looting items?
-Can I go with both? Looting items feels good, but in many cases it takes alooot patience and time which I don’t really have. Okay, The Spikes Project is the exception! But if I gotta choose, I choose buying. 

Having no ultimate mana potions or no exura vita?

-This one is easy, with or without void imbument, I always keep up with my mana and I even talk to my hunting mates about theirs (Sorry, pals!)… I’d be okay without ultimates, but without exura vita, never. 

Rookgaard or Dawnport? -Sentimentally: Rookgaard

Practically: Dawnport
I can’t see myself leveling up bunch of noob characters with an old Rookgaard way, gosh!

Elementalist or summoner?

-Ah! Here it is, the trickiest question of em all... If I had both addons of those outfits I’d wear summoner for sure. But for now, elementalist is easier for me to achieve, and I stick with this one.

Use different colors forever or a different character’s name?

-I’m a charlover for life, I feel attached to my character a lot, including the name which was around in this or that version for so long, that I can’t see myself changing or giving up the „Nanka” name ever. I’ve had my own colors for like ten years, it seemed to me I was attached to this as well, but my love for pink changed it all.  So… Use different colors forever!

Achievements or titles?

-Definitely achievements, once you got them nobody can take them from you. I liked them a lot the moment they were introduced to game, I found it as a nice new thing to spend your time and cash on. Also, you can express yourself, your personality, your life situation by them. My favourite ones: „Drama in Darama”, „Commitment Phobic”, „Heartbreaker”, „Starless Night”, „Nothing can stop me”, „Hunting with Style”. Well done, you got me there, Cipsoft!

When I came back in 2020 the titles were already there, it feels nice to get one but as soon as I get one I really like, I don’t think I’d be targeting any of them more. 

Which of the upgrades available in the coins store are the best, in your opinion?
-The upgrades I use the most is experience boost, I have also bought the prey slot and I think that’s it. The best, best, best things I see there are the decorations. The deco situation I left Tibia with in 2014 and new Store decoration isn’t just another level, it’s a whole new universe. Sky is not the limit, money is, hah! 

What was the biggest goal that you managed to achieve in the game, or maybe you are working on something right now?

-The biggest goal I managed to achieve is getting my 600 level and 116 magic level by myself, but

with presence and support of my friends.. I’m quite proud of it, I had great fun getting there. Till the end of this year, I want Nanka to be 700 and wield power of magic level 120. We will see about that.There is one thing I’m also proud: Nanka haven’t died since almost 300 levels. Last randez-vous with Henricus I had after meeting UE from Gaz’haragoth on level 337! 

If you check my Instagram profile, you find out that I have my personal „The Spikes project”. I made my goal to create or buy characters with at least level 100 and get them access to Reflection of a Mage which rumourly has drop of Elemental Spikes needed to complete the Elemental Outfit. I kill it every week, no luck so far. I post the progress within every Monday on IG.

I made myself a promise not to buy spikes, but it didn’t include other items. So, I just bought a really nice mount item: a library ticket. Flying on a book feels and looks amazing!

The ultimate-addon goal is getting a Ferumbras’ hat, but not anytime soon, unless I drop one which with my luck is… a quarter to never. 

Define your favorite vocation in 1 sentence.

-It might sound cliche, but druid is my favourite vocation because it requires being: responsible, reasonable, predicting, reliable, fun, multitasking, helpful, caring, full of empathy. I think I just described qualities I value in life, haha!

Do you think it is possible to find true friendship in Tibia?
-I don’t think it’s possibile: I’m SURE, it is! The tibianfriendships are just like in real life: you need a bit of luck to find a right person, your intentions have to be pure, you need to be genuine and honest to make it work. There is no force of any kind or side.

Even though, you might have the luck to find right ones, but when your intentions aren’t pure

and you are hard to copy with in a long term it just won’t work. You are going to end up switching teams forever or even alone. People will stand you only because they have some profit of you, but even this might not be enough to keep them.

Despite all the effort and care I had people leaving my side and I had to leave people as well. In the end… it’s all definitely worth it. I’ve got a few relations in my tibian and real life that so far last my tibian and real life time and I’m super grateful for every each of them.

Would you recommend others to play on your server?

-One thing you probably already know - Secura is the most crowded, full of drama, full of events, but still full of fun world.

    Bosses: amazing, it’s easy to find a team for bosses, even for long term. In the other hand, on crowded hours you might find yourself waiting for bosses in queue. Long one.

    Hunting: it’s easy to find a team, but hard to find a spot. If I haven’t muted my discord at my phone, around 12 pm I get quite a spam! For the most wanted spots here like Buried Cathedral or Ice section in Library, people created discords, in orded to hunt there you have to sign a day or even two before. It has its perks, but with this amount of people and my lifestyle I personally appreciate this way much. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to fight for the spots or there aren’t any problems there at all. But if your team is made of 4 or 5 adult people, you all have work or/and kids, it’s really challenging to make it work. 

    I recommend Secura if you like people, you can talk your way trough the crowd and you have much time to play and whole lots of patience. There are so many guilds that you sooner of later find what you like. Make sure you are immune to what people say about you, and you can nod your head still knowing your worth. 

I don’t recomment Secura (or even Tibia?) if you lose your temper easy, you expect free hunting spots all the time or you are not able to let things go when they need to be. 

Do you have any encouraging words for the community?

-Don’t let anyone discourage you from doing what you love. What I’ve learnt so far, that in order to live with full inner peace is: get your mind, words and action all the same way.  Have fun guys, out there!