Monday, July 27, 2020

About us is a fansite of a MMORPG online called Tibia owned by CipSoft.
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Tibiagoals contact:

What is TibiaGoals about?

TibiaGoals focuses on in-game progress and the goals we set for ourselves in it. We want to share stories of great Tibians who achieved their goals in Tibia with hopes that this may inspire new players to dream big and work hard to progress in the game. We want our readers to find a great deal of inspiration, motivation, positivity and advices in the stories postd on our site, so that, one day they can write their stories! Wandering through Tibia lands is a great adventure and we want to show it to the world!

Mental health:

What differs us from the other sites is the fact that we do not only want to focus on the game itself but also on our mental health that we believe Tibia has a lot of influence on and we can use it to become better people in the real world. Our content on YouTube or social media has always enhanced the great adventure that Tibia is. The growth inside the game has always been the most important aspect of the game for us and we believe that it provides the most of pleasure out of playing. We would like to encourage people to dream big, both in the game and in real life. Because Tibia is our passion, we realize that it has a lot of impact on our personalities in real life, too. From our own experience, we have figured out that Tibia can teach us determination, hard work but also strategical and business thinking, which can be useful in our real lives. 

The staff


Lady Mass & Divine'Angel

Divine'Angel (@0h_divine)
Tibia YouTuber, Tibia Blogger & Passionate house decorator
Experienced Tibia social media & fansite manager

Lady Mass (@lady.mass)
Experienced Tibia social media & fansite manager
Enjoys PvP and RPG

PVP content editor:
Michi The Queen (@michizita)
Our translator and PVP expert
Tibia PVP Streamer

Decoration content editor:
Monzcarro Murcatto (@monzimurcatto)
House decoration expert

TibiaGoals theme

Achieving little goals in Tibia gives us a satisfying feeling of progress but it is just a beginning towards something great that we can build in the future. Therefore, TibiaGoals' theme is evolvement the best represented by a unicorn. To read the story about our unicorn origin click here

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