The Christmas Postcard Contest with CasalTibiano!


1. The postcard has to be created in real life. It can be drawn, painted, sewn, etc. but it can not be printed.

2. The card has to contain Christmas wishes addressed to a specific person

3. The wishes may be written in any form - as a regular text or a poem 

4. There is no word limit for the wishes but make sure the text is readable

5. Take one picture of the final effect and 3 pictures (not more and not less) of the process. Make sure to let us know which picture is the final. The videos are not allowed.

The final picture should contain a piece of paper saying:
Christmas Contest 2020
TibiaGoals, CasalTibiano & Edgar TibiaCoins

6. The wishes may be written in Spanish, Polish, German, English, or Portuguese but you have to attach the text version in the e-mail so that we can translate it in case of any problems.
If it's in English, you don't need to send us the text version

7. Send us the pictures, your personal information (character's name and your server), and the text version of the postcard on our e-mail:

8. Should you have any questions considering the contest, send us an e-mail, or contact us on our official Tibiagoals Instagram.
We kindly ask you not to contact us on our personal accounts.

-The wishes have to be addressed to a real person (it can't be a monster, an NPC, Luna etc.)
-If you feel that you need to take more pictures of the final effect, please make it a collage and send it to us as a whole
-We will most of all assess the postcard design - the wishes are just an addition but are important, as well.
-The wishes can be printed but you can't print any decorative elements!
-You can take more than 4 pictures, but you need to make a collage out of them - we have to receive 4 images in total

Ho ho ho! 
TibiaGoals, Edgar TC MX, and our partners CasalTibiano would like to invite you to participate in our new Christmas contest! In this beautiful time of the year, we would like everyone to spread love. Therefore, we want you to create a self-made postcard with wishes for your beloved one! 

The contest starts on 2.12.2020 
and finishes on 21.12.2020 at the server save time.
Any entries sent to us past the deadline will not be taken into consideration. 

The rewards:
1st place - Love Elixir
2nd place - 1000 Tibia Coins
3rd place - 500 Tibia Coins

The sincerest appreciation to our sponsors:

The winners: 

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